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Four great LED desk lamps for their price and cute design

Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, work or read with light it becomes more complicated, so desk lamps are again positioned as a good solution for the arrival of autumn.

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Along with a chair to avoid back pain and keep the workspace clean, good lighting is essential. First of all, because it is very important to maintain a suitable lighting environment if we spend many hours in front of screens. Second, to avoid straining your eyes when reading or eye strain.

Therefore, it may be a good time to buy a desk lamp if we do not already have one.

Questions before choosing one

Although the decision may seem simple, and it does not have to be complicated, there are some things that we can take into account:

  • Better LED. Although rare, you can still find incandescent or halogen bulb lamps. The optimal option is LED lamps, as they offer better performance with lower consumption.
  • Power. Each room is different and it is a good idea to rethink how much light we need. If we have good lighting during the day and artificial lighting – ceiling or floor lamps – is adequate at night, we may only need a small supporting light.
  • “Additional features”. With the variety of lamps that exist today, there are several models that have “extras.” Some can be: different levels of brightness, adjustments in the temperature of the light, USB ports, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

Some recommended models


A lamp with a classic white design that, due to its price, can be a very versatile solution for almost any situation.

It is an LED lamp that has 10 brightness levels to adjust to each day-to-day situation and 5 color temperatures -from the coldest, white, to warm, orange / yellow-. In addition, you can tilt and move your head without problems. Your price: 33.99 euros.


Practically the same model as the previous one: a white LED lamp that can be tilted and the head adjusted.

It is a model that offers 5 light temperatures and 10 brightness levels, as well as being an LED light. As an extra: it has a USB port to connect a charger or any other cable. Your price: 29.99 euros.

Eyocean LED Lamp

What if we lack space on the desk? The Eyocean lamp can be a solution for those who want to leave the workspace as clean and free as possible.

It is a lamp that, instead of having the typical base, has a grip to be placed on the side of the table. The 40-centimeter head also illuminates a good surface.

It has a timer to turn off after 10 or 40 minutes, and an adjustable color temperature. Your price: 54.99 euros.

✌🏻 Consumption Preference Of course: Kilpone lamp

A cheap and versatile LED lamp that assures us a good result with hardly any budget. It is a lamp with a timer to turn off after 30 or 60 minutes, 5 color temperature modes, 10 brightness levels and a USB port. In addition, like the previous ones, its position can be adjusted. Your price: 24.95 euros.

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