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Four heaters for the bathroom ideal in quality and price

Every time the mornings are colder. Ice coffee is becoming a good memory and bathrobes and pajamas are more common. For this reason, taking a shower may become a freezing milestone as soon as you get up and we are considering getting hold of it. a heater for the bathroom.

These devices distribute heat quickly throughout a small room. This can be a solution for the first minutes of the morning when the heating is still not working or, we simply do not want to turn it on because it is the shower before we go to work.

They are not usually different from a “normal” heater except that they are somewhat more resistant to humidity and sometimes a little smaller. The ideal is that have IP21 or higher, as this means that it is waterproof.

You also have to look at the power, but the most normal thing is that with a heater between 1,200W and 1,500W be enough, since these rooms do not usually reach 15 square meters.

Even so, and although they are not the most powerful, from ConsumoClaro we remind you that all this type of device is better to keep them at least one and a half meters from the shower or bathtub.

Four models

Cecotec Ceramic Sky

For 46.90 euros, we found this heater for the bathroom of the well-known Spanish brand Cecotec. It is a 2000W equipment that can cover up to an area of ​​20 square meters, well above what we surely need for the bathroom. In addition, it has a technology for silent use and an auto-shutdown to prevent it from remaining on.

Rowenta Instant Comfort

If we are looking for a heater smaller in size, the Rowenta Instant Comfort can be a great option. For 54.99 euros, this device has a silent mode especially useful if we want to use it in the morning.

It has a power of 2400W, somewhat higher than the previous one, but since it is not a vertical design, it takes up a little less space. In addition, it has a thermostat and resistance IP21.

Bestron AFH211W

Likewise, we may just want something fast, cheap and uncomplicated to warm up on time. The Bestron heater it costs 15.90 euros And, although it is not a wonder, it does meet any requirement that we seek.

It does not have water resistance, so it should be kept away from taps and showers; It has a power of 2000W with a thermostat to regulate the temperature of the room.

Cecotec Ceramic Rotate Smart

And we close with another Cecotec model: far from the vertical design of the first one, this one is more similar to a drawer with 1500W of power and more cutting edge. All of it for a price of 43.90 euros.

As described by Cecotec itself, this heater has triple protection: auto-off when I return, auto-off on overheating and a grid to avoid touching the heater. In addition, it has an LED screen and a timer of up to 24 hours.

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