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Four Helpful Ways to Take Advantage of Toilet Paper Rolls

As much as toilet paper is less and less sustainable (most of it is made with virgin pulp, obtained from the forests), and the options for using recycled rolls are scarce, we consume it in spades: in Spain alone we spend 690,000 tons, according to Aspapel; about 81 rolls per head per year.

We know that reusing a few rolls at home is not going to solve the problem, and that the solution passes, say environmentalists, by requiring that all toilet paper contain recycled fibers, since it is a disposable product that supports well the characteristics of the treated fiber.

But while that time comes, each roll that you reuse and turn into something useful is a small revolution in power: less load for landfills or the recycling system and less CO2 for the atmosphere.

In addition, those 81 rolls a year are worth much more than making children’s crafts: and in this article we tell you four ideas suitable for adults and grown-ups of all ages. From using them to organize all those cables or to put order in the drawers, to to put the pens. Or do a fun food puzzle for your cat. It’s up to you.

1. Order the pens, with toilet paper rolls!

It is a project as simple as it is practical. And, above all, cheap, since you can take advantage of 24 rolls of toilet paper that you thought to throw away to, once and for all, organize your desk. Bonus: you can order brushes, pencils or markers without sacrificing your style.

All you need are 24 rolls of toilet paper that you were planning to throw away, some glue, a piece of cardboard, and a spray paint in the color of your choice. Idea spoiler: a gold or silver tone will give you an unbeatable finish.

For the rest, place all the rolls upright, in four columns and six rows (there are 24) and glue them together. Cut the cardboard to fit the dimensions of your roll set (you only need scissors), and glue the bottom of the rolls to the cardboard. Let it dry for about five minutes. It remains only to paint it all with a spray paint. And it’s done!

2. Put order in the drawers

Desk or sideboard drawers run the serious risk of becoming a mixed bag, where erasers, pencils, paper clips, scrunchies and even tissue packages compete to be found.

Well then: don’t wait that long and use your toilet paper rolls to tidy up your favorite mess. Simply cut the rolls of paper to the height of your drawer with scissors. Then put them inside and you have compartments for all those small items you need to have on hand!

3. Make a food puzzle for your cat

If you live with a feline, you already have a project to take advantage of a good part of those 81 annual rolls: build a food puzzle for him. A happy cat is a busy cat; and that he has the possibility of putting into practice his natural behaviors: among them, the game.

Well, these types of feline puzzles will keep your purring friend busy and happy. It’s not a strict organizational project, but it will help you put your cat’s diet in order. And we already have another handful of toilet paper rolls out of the landfill!

4. Have all those cables and chargers handy

It is the never ending story: every day new cables come into our lives. Not to mention the chargers. If you do not know what to do with them, you can try to buy a cable reel (for about 4 euros), to get a charger organizer box (about 7 euros) or try to get a cable strip (something more expensive, about 15 euros) .

That, or not spend a euro. And make your own free cable organizers, with toilet paper rolls. You just need to bend the cables and put them inside the roll. It is done! Bonus: the idea works best if you spend one more minute on your project and label your rolls with the cables.

But if this project is a bit shabby for you, you can improve it. All you need is a roll of decorative wrapping paper and some tape. And if you want it to look even more attractive, use a double-sided tape.

You just have to wrap the rolls with a piece of paper cut to size (leave an extra centimeter to roll it a little inside), and use the double-sided tape to stick it without showing the edges.

Five minutes later, and with hardly any expense (or zero expense, if you already had paper and tape at home), you have a cable organizer very attractive; while you’ve returned to save a few more rolls from ending up in the trash.

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