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Four inexpensive cold brew coffee makers to make infusions and cold coffee

The arrival of summer is already remarkable: the temperatures begin to rise considerably and the heat can begin to be a nuisance. Among the most important issues, is to stay especially well hydrated during the day to avoid heat stroke or symptoms derived from dehydration.

How to prepare cold coffee without losing its characteristic aromas

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And although water is the most advisable drink, and cheap of all, from time to time we want to vary a little. Any refreshing liquid can be useful at five in the afternoon, when the heat is most pressing to hydrate us properly.

In this regard, there are containers that allow us to prepare really cold drinks without wasting nutrients and that, basically, give a new flavor to the glass of water – without resorting to sugary drinks or “coffee with ice” -. The famous ‘cold brew’ coffee makers.


For 26.95 eurosSilberthal cold brew is a good starter cold brew. It allows you to prepare both coffee and cold infusions, or even flavored water from pieces of fruit.

Its operation is very simple: Place the coffee, tea leaves or infusions or any fruit to flavor in the center tube and pour as much water as the water meter to make the preparations. Once done, it is left overnight in the fridge and voila, we have our cold brew.

Its capacity is up to 1.3 liters, so, filling it to the maximum, we could have a refreshing drink for the whole day. In addition, it is suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

SCHEDULE Mizudashi Mini

For 20.44 euros, the HARIO follows the same operation as the Silberthal, only with a capacity of 600 mL, in case the previous one was too large.

It has an integrated filter composed of a metal mesh to prevent the leaves of the tea or ground coffee from passing through. In addition, it is reusable.

Like the previous one, it can also be washed in the dishwasher. The biggest drawback is that the instructions come in Japanese, but with illustrative images.

Dripster Cold Brew

The Dripster is a drip container. That is, instead of waiting overnight (or a full day) for the product to soak into the water, this coffee maker works by placing a liquid on top and dripping through the coffee beans or infusion. For 50 euros, it’s a good option.

Not only do you get results in much less time, around 3 hours, but the result is more concentrated and fruity. At the same time, it also allows you to put the coffee or infusion on top and pour water. In this way, until the water penetrates the coffee grounds, it cannot seep all the way to the bottom.

Its capacity is 600 mL.

Dutch style soulhand

If the previous one has seemed interesting, but a bit expensive, the Soulhand may be the solution. For 37.99 euros, this Dutch-style coffee maker works exactly the same: drip.

It is made of borosilicate glass, which makes it especially easy to clean. It has a drip regulator to adjust how much water falls through the coffee in case we want to make a thicker or softer preparation.

The biggest drawback of this coffee maker is its size: 300 mL, somewhat small. Even so, if we live alone or are the only ones who want cold coffee in summer, it is a good option.

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