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Four infallible destinations to escape the heat this summer

Summer has started strong. The temperatures are squeezing unceremoniously and, if you are one of those who have a hard time when the mercury rises, it is time to take the map, take a look at the current international sanitary restrictions and look for a destination where it is necessary to bundle up a little. That the beach and the mountains are fine, but if you still feel like you have no escape, here are four destinations where you can escape the high summer temperatures.

When we talk about international destinations, it is not so easy to find countries where we do not find entry restrictions, the pandemic is still very present and it is necessary to continue to be very cautious. That is why we have chosen four places that, today, do allow entry to foreigners. Some ask for a negative PCR, others for a valid vaccination certificate or have passed the Covid in the last six months. But none of them require a quarantine on our arrival. So if you have already had enough of being hot, and you meet the necessary sanitary requirements, you can put a fleece in the suitcase that we are going on a trip.

The Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway

Norway is always a great plan, especially if you are looking for cool temperatures in summer. The fjords are a safe bet, between Bergen, Stavanger and their surroundings you would have more than enough to make a trip full of nature between mountains, lakes and waterfalls. But if you want to opt for something more original, more distant and less known, we suggest you go to the Lofoten Islands, in northern Norway, once you have crossed the Arctic Circle. The Lofoten are a great destination to see the Northern Lights in winter, but in summer the daylight hours are endless and they look beautiful in the sun.

To visit them, it is best to rent your own vehicle there, so you can get to each of its corners. You will move between colored houses, wooden churches and fishing villages. Some of them are authentic postcards, like Hamnoy and Reine, although they all have their charm here. The Lofoten is a good place to see how the cod is still being dried in the traditional way. Svolvær is the capital and its largest town, although it is best to get lost in its villages. There are beaches and many outdoor activities, such as hiking or kayaking. Today in Norway it is not necessary to quarantine if you have a vaccination certificate or if it can be proven to have passed the Covid in the last six months.

The Alps, through Italy, Switzerland and France

This is a foolproof travel proposal. A route in which to cross the passes of the Alps in search of the freshness of the peaks. You can do it in your own vehicle and the plan that we propose is the following. Everything can start in Barcelona from where you will take a ferry to Livorno, in Italy, and from there you can go north until you reach Lake Como. From that moment you will enter the mountains and begin to join mountain passes that will take you through Berbina Pass, Forcola di Livigno, the Passo Foscano and the Passo dello Stelvio in Italy. Then you will cross into Switzerland and continue on the Ofenpass, the Albulapass, Chur, the Oberalpass, the Sustenpass, the Grinselpass, the Furkapass, the Gotthard, the Nufenenpass, Martigny and you will cross again to Italy through the port of the Great St. Bernard. Shortly after, you will enter France through the Little Saint Bernard and continue along the Col de l’iseran, the Col Mont Cenis and end in Mont Ventoux, and from there head home. We guarantee that the landscapes of this route remain in your memory for the rest of your life. And also the weather is always cool, even in summer.

Ireland, from end to end

Ireland plans to visit the country this summer without having to comply with a quarantine if one of these three requirements is met: complete vaccination schedule, medical certificate of recovery from Covid in the last six months or negative PCR within 72 hours prior to arrival. If you meet any of them, you are in luck, because Ireland is a guaranteed success. You will be able to visit Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, and the famous Giant’s Causeway, a unique landscape formed by more than 40,000 basalt columns caused by the rapid cooling of lava.

You should not skip the majestic Kylemore Abbey, next to the lake of the same name, or the Cliffs of Moher, which due to their impressive appearance in front of the sea are undoubtedly one of the essential visits of the country. Ireland is also a land of castles, such as Blarney, and green landscapes, such as Glen Gesh Pass. But as you can imagine, no trip to Ireland is complete if we don’t spend a few days in Dublin, the capital of the Republic. A city where you can visit Kilmainham Jail, Trinity College, the Guinness Factory, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral or Temple Bar while walking through its streets and cafes.

Stockholm, possibly the most beautiful capital in all of Scandinavia

Currently Sweden does not pose problems for travelers who can prove a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test or a certificate confirming the recovery of Covid, so if you meet any of these requirements, Stockholm awaits you with open arms. The Swedish capital is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Scandinavia, if not the most. It is located on an archipelago and its islands are bathed by the cold waters of the northern seas, so boats and bridges are wherever you look. It is a cosmopolitan city and it preserves its most authentic charms well, as you can see in Gamla Stan, its historic center, between cobbled streets and colorful houses. The Royal Palace is also one of the most famous places in the city, as it is the official residence of the Swedish monarchy.

The Riddarholmen Church, dating from the 13th century and striking for its red brick, and the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, known as Storkyrkan, are the two most important religious buildings in the city. The City Hall is also worth a visit, even if it is to climb its tower and get the best views over the historic center of Stockholm from up there. Taking a boat trip is essential and, even if it is summer, it is worth taking something warm because temperatures drop quickly. Also, since you are here, it is worth taking the train and getting to know the city of Uppsala, famous for its student life and its university founded in the 15th century.

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