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Four Latin American presidents give their support to Pablo Iglesias after knowing the audios recorded by Villarejo to Ferreras

The broadcast this weekend of the audios recorded by the former corrupt commissioner José Manuel Villarejo to the director of La Sexta, Antonio García Ferreras, and the director of Atresmedia, Mauricio Casals, uncovering the origin of the false information published by the journalist Eduardo Inda –and then disseminated in various media – about an alleged bank account opened by Pablo Iglesias, and to which the Government of Nicolás Maduro would have transferred $272,000, have raised a wave of solidarity among international leaders with the former vice president and former leader of Podemos.

Eduardo Inda’s exclusive document on Pablo Iglesias is copied from YouTube

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In the conversation, Ferreras tells Villarejo that he told Inda: “I’m going with it, but this is very crude.” La Sexta alleges that this talk with the commissioner took place after the broadcast of the news. One day after it was published in Eduardo Inda’s newspaper, in May 2016, already revealed that it was false and that the alleged exclusive document provided by Ok Diario as proof of payments was actually copied from YouTube. You can check that information here. After the dissemination of these recordings, Pablo Iglesias has pointed out that the talk by former commissioner Villarejo and Antonio García Ferreras “reveals the level of rottenness in the PP, in judicial, police and journalism sectors.” This was stated this Saturday night in the program Faqs, of TV3.

“Today it has been shown how news against Pablo Iglesias is spread to revile Podemos. The same happens between us. The false news spread by certain journalism to defame, discourage or persecute political leaders, deeply hurts democracy, ”says Argentine President Alberto Fernández on his Twitter social network profile.

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, expresses himself in the same vein: “Fake news has done profound damage to social coexistence. Here we see what they have done to Podemos in Spain for years, which is not very different from the practices of many in our Latin America. Let’s take care of our democracies!

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, also sympathizes with Iglesias: “With the collaboration of members of the police, a journalist decides to defame, knowing that the news was false, a progressive movement in Spain. Everything was discovered in the end. It seems like a ‘Deja vu’”.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has also joined the wave of solidarity: “Millions of my grandfather’s countrymen are going to be angry, but the campaign of the conservatives against the leaders of Can. Let us have faith, because as the poet Machado said: ‘In Spain the best is the people. (…) In hard times, the gentlemen (…) invoke the homeland and sell it; the town does not even name her, but buys her with her blood and saves her. In Spain, there is no way to be a well-born person without loving the people’”.

This Sunday the leader of the French left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, also expressed his outrage and solidarity: “Scandal in Spain: the journalist of an important television program invented defamatory revelations about Podemos and Pablo Iglesias in connection with the Ministry of the Interior”, points out the leader of the France Insumisa on Twitter.

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