Monday, March 4

Four men charged for “hurtful” tweets against Canet’s family who asked for more Spanish

A Barcelona judge has accepted the complaint from the Prosecutor for hate crimes and has charged four tweeters for the “humiliating and hurtful expressions” they made against the family of Canet de Mar (Barcelona) who asked for 25% Spanish in class .

The magistrate has summoned the men for September 1 and 5, investigated for a crime of incitement to hatred in its modality of injury to dignity for discriminatory reasons and another against moral integrity. In total, 18 messages are investigated on the social network.

The messages were produced as a result of the court order, complied with by the center but which led to an unprecedented political controversy, which forced a school in Canet to teach at least 25% of the hours in a P5 class in Spanish after a request made by the family.

Beyond their eventual criminal nature, the reported Twitter messages show a visceral contempt towards Spanish in general and towards Canet’s family in particular on the part of the four tweeters, who openly expressed their intolerant opinions against the minor and her parents.

So create the group of P5Ñ, put the child alone and do 50–50

Tweet of the first accused

According to the prosecutor, with this tweet the investigator “made a call to isolate the minor” leaving her alone in the school, while putting the letter ‘ñ’ in reference to “ñordo”, an insult with which radical independent sectors disqualify to the Spanish.

Find out and publish the name and address of the denouncing family so that they live through hell and serve as an example, everything that is not that, I pose

Tweet of the second defendant

Unlike the first investigated, with only one suspicious tweet, half a dozen messages are included in the complaint from the second, all of them with a similar tenor. The user called on several occasions for Canet’s family to live a “hell” that would end with his departure from the country, and demanded that his personal data be published.

“The town would have to ‘persecute’ all the members of this family day and night,” reads the last tweet investigated. In other messages, the man assures that the amount of rubbish in Catalan neighborhoods and towns is “directly proportional” to the amount of Spanish that is heard in them.

That the parents change their children to the other group and the child is left alone. He is not to blame for anything but his parents are unintegrated settlers and terrorists

The third user reiterates in two tweets his disqualifications towards the minor’s parents, whom he also calls “supremacist Spanish Nazis.” The prosecutor also highlights the “call to isolate” the minor expressed by the investigated in the recesses.

I already have the Castilian-speaking child meat to make the cannelloni

Tweet of the investigated room

At the request of the prosecutor, the judge has also decreed as a precautionary measure that some of the messages posted on the social network under investigation be removed from Twitter.

The Prosecutor’s Office had been investigating these events since last December after complaints filed by Hablemos Español, Assembly for the Bilingual School (AEB) and Vox.

In this way, the investigation into the humiliating tweets that the family received after the 25% court decision is limited to specific users of the social network with no apparent relationship with Canet de Mar. It should be remembered that the Prosecutor’s Office itself has already ruled out that the Government or the school discriminated against the girl from Canet who asked for more Spanish in class, and in fact concluded that the court order was complied with without delay.