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Four mobile apps to edit photos

Now that summer is just entering and the weeks on the beach (or in the mountains) to enjoy our vacations are approaching, surely many of us are taking pictures of our adventures. Whether for sharing or for our digital albums, we like to remember certain moments and have apps to edit photos of the vacations.

Tips for taking good pictures with your mobile

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Despite this, and although in ConsumptionClaro we tell you how to improve your photographs with your mobile, we may be a bit more creative, or picky, to take a simple image. That’s where publishers come in.

There are times that we need to retouch, only, the contrast or the exposure to improve our photography. There are others, on the other hand, that we will be forced to retouch it more: crop the image, straighten it, change colors, saturation, etc. Therefore, we have compiled the best apps to edit photos from your own mobile.

Snapseed | Android and ios

One of the most popular, long-lived and recognized applications when it comes to photo editing: Snapseed. Although for a while it is owned by Google, is an app available on both Android and Apple systems.

It is a very complete photo editor where we not only find the usual filters, but also each aspect of the photograph can be retouched. This allows for very striking results with a little patience and practice, trying to avoid the default settings.

Its interface, at the same time, is very intuitive and simple, so it is especially easy to get used to using the app itself. It also gives the option of saving the edits that we have made in a photograph to use them in others, thus creating “profiles”. It is an app ideal for those who want to edit photos to their liking and, incidentally, learn a little about concepts and retouching, but without prior knowledge.

VSCO | Android and ios

VSCO, like the previous one, is another of the classic applications when it comes to photo editing. In this case, it is also available on Android and Apple mobiles.

The great strength of VSCO are the filters, which look surprisingly good. Although it allows you to edit more specific aspects of the images, such as saturation, exposure, etc., the filters created by the company itself and by the community are usually sufficient and, in addition, with very good results.

They are filters prepared to look good and to show that they are VSCO, since they have a very characteristic finish. Even so, the app allows you to change the strength of the filter and tweak certain aspects once it has been applied. VSCO, in general, is a good option for those looking for a quick edit without complications.

Pixlr | Android and ios

Pixlr is a very complete photo editor but without the depth that others can have. Available on iOS and Android, it is a simple app to use and learn, but without giving up great possibilities.

The most striking thing about Pixlr is the possibility of creating masks or layers to edit different areas of each photograph and, in this way, adjust the results more to what we are looking for. Also the option to create collages between several of our images or apply pre-defined templates.

Pixlr is especially useful for those looking for a simple, direct app and, above all, to get out of trouble quickly. In the previous ones, you may immerse yourself in an endless number of adjustments and filters, but this one is much more concise without sacrificing results.

Prism | Android and ios

Now what if we are looking an application to edit our photos in a particularly creative way, artistic or even exaggerated? Then Prisma, available on both Android and iOS, can be the app to edit photos that we need.

It is an editor where the result matters more than the photography, since what Prisma offers is a huge number of very, very attractive filters. More than 500 filters, and a new one practically every day, in which the most important thing is the effect on the image.

Watercolor, pencil painting and a long etcetera are the filters that Prisma offers to try to turn our photographs into “works of art”. In short, it is a perfect application for those who want original photographs in shape and appearance.

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