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Four mobiles to only receive calls that will facilitate communication to the elderly

Today, any smartphone is much more than a phone. They are mini PCs with which we can view multimedia content, play games, make inquiries through the Internet, take photos and edit them, etc. A complete team that practically fits in one hand.

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Now, what if all these functions exceed our needs or are even something we want to avoid? Compared to smartphones, there is another type of device that tries to simplify everything: feature phone (or dumb phone).

These mobiles are simply mobiles: they can only receive calls and SMS. No internet, no WhatsApp, no Twitter, and nothing that is not the original purpose for which the devices were created.

If you think you fit into that group of people -not as small as it may seem- or you are thinking of the elderly who, sometimes, prefer simplicity and efficiency compared to new technologies, we give you some advice.

What must be considered

If it is a mobile to disconnect during the holidays, practically any option can be useful, since it is for a specific use. Of course, if you are thinking of a close older relative, it is important to look at what to buy.

Best feature what smart?: Despite what we may think, smartphones should not be dismissed so easily. Although we will not include any in this list, there are smart phones that are adapted for older people to use them -like a version of Android where the text and the interface are much larger-.

Size and keyboard: These types of mobiles are considerably smaller than smartphones, but if we are looking for a feature phone for an elderly person we will have to find a middle ground.

The most common is that these types of phones have a physical keyboard and, therefore, the screens will be smaller, so any mobile phone below two inches should be discarded.

Regarding the keyboard, the layout and size of the keys must be taken into account. Depending on how it is designed, it can be difficult to distinguish them if you have reduced vision or are uncomfortable to use, since if they are very small, several of them can be pressed at the same time.

Design: the most comfortable thing can be a shell-type mobile – that the screen and the keyboard are separated by hinges and can be closed – because they are difficult to activate by themselves. You also have to take into account if it has direct access buttons to mute, raise or lower the volume, etc.

Radio: Among the few features that phone features have, having a radio can be decisive. It is best to look for a model that does not need to connect headphones to function as an antenna and supports hands-free mode.

SPC Harmony

For 49 euros, the SPC Harmony is a feature phone that meets all the requirements that can be requested from a mobile of this type. It is a phone in shell format with a 2.4-inch screen and an external one that warns of calls and informs the time.

The Harmony has a flashlight, photo camera, and FM radio. In addition, it is a mobile specially designed for the elderly, since there is an emergency button (to call 112) and memory for 5 emergency numbers.

Artfone Flip

For 39.50 euros, the Artfone Flip is a mobile that combines simplicity and intuition. A 2.4-inch color screen, a keyboard with well differentiated and separate buttons and other side buttons to control the volume of the phone and activate or deactivate the flashlight.

The Artfone has a 1000 mAh battery that lasts for up to 120 hours on standby. Like the previous one, it has an SOS button on the outside of the case (so it is not necessary to open it) and others for speed dialing.

Nokia 5310

For 45 euros, the Nokia 5310 is postulated as a classic with all the letters. A mobile with a 2.4-inch screen and a 1200 mAh battery, with a duration of between one and two weeks, and that is replaceable – in case it breaks.

It also has side buttons to easily adjust the volume, FM radio, MP3 player and front speakers. Of course, the keyboard is much more uncomfortable than previous models, since it has a curved design and the buttons are much smaller.

Emporia Pure

For 50 euros, the Emporia Pure is a resistant mobile, with a square design and in which simplicity prevails. The screen is much smaller, 2 inches, but with a much clearer interface. However, it has a particularly large keyboard with separate and highly differentiated buttons.

In addition, on the sides of the mobile there are direct accesses. Regarding the rest of the features, the Emporia Pure has an emergency call mode with GPS, flashlight and comes with a charging base.

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