Wednesday, August 10

Four models of removable slabs for terrace and balcony

Surely all of those we have a terrace and even a small balcony, we want to spend the afternoons and nights in the cool in summer; and even if we have an awning or umbrella, at noon. Everything is to be abroad in summer, away from the cave that the rest of the year are our homes.

But our terraces they are not always optimalespecially the floors, which suffer a lot especially with the dilations they suffer from the sun, and the stains left by humidity from the rain, as well as the dust and corrosive pollution of large cities.

That is why although we often put beautiful furniture with a set of chairs and tables, or have a barbecue and some beautiful plants on the balcony, if we look at the ground, our soul falls to our feet. And it is not a plan that our soul is so close to such an ugly ground.

But where there is a big problem, a big solution is always nearby, and in this case they are removable tileswhich are placed with a single blow and are adjusted between them with a single click, with a plastic substrate, to facilitate drainage, and a wood and plastic fiber surface, which withstands the sun and humidity much more, and is cleaned easy.

In clear consumption we want to recommend 4 models of tiles that we find interesting so that, when your soul looks towards the floor of your balcony or terrace, instead of falling it rises with joy.


Here it is a set of six elongated tiles, measuring 30 cm wide by 60 cm long, with a base of composite wood fiber and plastic, and a lower substrate of plastic grid to allow drainage. It is sold in various colors and has the advantage of a rough surface that prevents us from slipping even when wet.

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In this case it is a set of 30 cm by 30 cm tiles in anthracite black with the characteristic that instead of six there are nine, to cover 1 m². The system is the same as the previous one, that is, a superior substrate of wood fiber and plastic and a plastic grid at the base that facilitates drainage and suspension.

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BodenMax Travertine Click Tile

If we do not need to cover a very large space but we want something especially beautiful and classic, regardless of the money, we can put these removable tiles with a ceramic top surface that imitates the classic tiles of the Romans. It will certainly dress and has the advantage that it will withstand humidity much better.

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Self-ventilated polypropylene tile

On the contrary, if what we want is not to spend too much but to ensure a regular perimeter that covers the old tiles and protects us from humidity, these polypropylene slabs can be very useful. They are also ideal for spreading artificial grass or garden rugs on top, as they ensure that they will not suffer from the rigors of humidity.

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