Wednesday, October 20

Four neighborhoods on the coast of Tazacorte are confined in anticipation of the lava reaching the sea in the next few hours

The Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (PEVOLCA) has ordered the confinement of four neighborhoods on the coast of Tazacorte in anticipation of the lava reaching the sea in the next few hours. The measure is taken in light of the possibility that gases harmful to health are released.

The decision to confine four neighborhoods on the coast of Tazacorte was adopted after the two rivers of lava that descended towards the sea joined and the front gained in speed, up to 100 meters per hour. The one that ran through the north of the volcano, above previous flows, gained strength this Sunday afternoon and burst into the Todoque neighborhood, burying, among other buildings, the church and the health center.

The scientific committee of the Pevolca (Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands) had already warned at the noon press conference that this wash was descending smoothly, contrary to that circulating through the southern sector, which was advancing at about 30 meters per hour It had traveled about 2.5 kilometers and had affected new areas, wastelands and pastures.

The indicators registered in the last hours pointed to a stabilization of the eruptive process. This was announced by the director in the Canary Islands of the National Geographic Institute (IGN), María José Blanco, who pointed out that there had been a decrease in seismicity, seismic tremor (vibrations produced by the circulation of fluids inside the volcanic building), and deformations on the surface.

The Involcan (Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands) reported in the same sense and spoke of a process of deflation. That is to say, of “a decrease in pressure in the magmatic system” that, however, does not “necessarily” mean that the eruption is close to reaching its end.

Scientists recall that the volcano, which has not stopped roaring throughout Sunday, at times with force, can continue to experience episodes of greater explosiveness that sit within a radius of five kilometers from the emitting center. They insist that it is a typical behavior of strombolian-type eruptive processes, such as those that occur in the Canary Islands, with activity concentrated in the Cumbre Vieja cone.

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