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Four perfect projectors to turn your terrace into a summer cinema

The evening wind and the early hours of the night are surely two wonderful moments of summer. When the heat gives a truce and the breeze hits us and, after the suffocation of the rest of the day, it starts to get cool.

It is during these moments when the terrace becomes the best area to hang out, and even to watch a movie or a good series marathon. At ConsumoClaro we already recommend some ideas to set up your own movie theater in your home; But what if we want to do it on the terrace?

Although the previous guide can help you, the reality is that it is designed for a living room or room. For the terrace, or garden, the best is a short throw projector (1.5 meters) and with a great luminosity (4000 lumens).

Elephas mini projector

For 99.99 euros, the elephas mini projector can be a good alternative to place on our terrace. It is a 6500 lumen projector and has a weight of 1.98 kilograms, with an area of ​​32.6×20.2 centimeters. So it is especially easy to place it on the terrace.

The image it emits is in Full HD resolution and has VGA, USB, AV and HDMI ports, so it can be connected to any device. With a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters, it will be enough to make the image look completely sharp.

Anker Innovations

For 396 euros (much more expensive), this projector offers an especially small body. Nebula’s Anker Innovations is a piece of equipment that weighs just over 1 kilogram and is the size of the palm of a hand.

It has integrated speakers and holds up to 100 inches in length, making it perfect for family viewing. At the same time, it has an HDMI port, but its great attraction is the wireless connection, allowing you to play episodes and series directly from your mobile.

The biggest drawback is that its use is not recommended in low light hoursbut late at night. This, together with its price, makes it an ideal projector for people who want to take it home with their friends or family, but a bad option for those who want to set up a cinema on their terrace every day.

APEMAN 6000 projector

Returning to more affordable prices: for 110 euros (89.99 euros at the time of writing), the APEMAN projector is a great option for our terrace. It is a very complete projector with 6000 lumens that will allow it to be used even in the low hours of the afternoon.

With only 300 grams of weight, the APEMAN offers HDMI, USB, VGA and microSD ports, so we will have no problems connecting any device, being especially useful for our mobiles. It supports an extension of up to 200 inches and Full HD resolution, although it is advisable to keep it at 720p.


For 159.99 euros, the Yaber Y30 is postulated as the ideal projector to have on the terrace. With a brightness of 6200 lumens, this device allows us to see any audiovisual piece even if the Sun has not yet fallen.

Its native resolution is 1080p (1920×1080), Full HD, although has support to withstand the 4K. In addition, it has a contrast ratio of 10,000: 1, which makes image quality and colors a great advantage over other models.

It also has 2 HDMI inputs, 2 USB, audio and VGA outputs and support for TV Stick (like the Chromecast); so we can practically use any transmitter to watch the series or movies.

The screens

If you also want a screen to complete the experience, our recommendation is the NIERBO screen, which is postulated as a good alternative if we are willing to place it on a wall. For 28.99 euros, it is a very cheap option that ensures us make the most of that projector that we have bought.

At 120 inches, this screen is compatible with any projector and offers a good size to watch our movies in Full HD without problem (or 4K if we opt for a more expensive projector). It is also made of a synthetic fiber material that prevents the appearance of wrinkles, so it is especially useful when transporting it. Despite this, it can be ironed if imperfections appear.

As for screens that do not require installation, our recommendation is HOIN’s projection screen, one of the best options there is if we are looking for ease and results. For 81 euros, this screen can be placed anywhere.

Some supports

If, in addition, you need some type of support for the projector, but that does not require any installation, we recommend:

Vamvo support: adjustable from 42 to 115 centimeters, it is a small tripod with a base to place the projector at the end. For 35.99 euros, it does its job and is easy to store or move, in case we need it.

Projector Tray: What if we already have a tripod? For 14.99 euros, we have this tray that is placed on the tripod and, in this way, we can put our projector on top.

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