Friday, December 3

Four policemen deny that they attacked migrants in an attempted escape from the CIE of Barcelona

Four agents of the National Police have denied that they attacked a group of migrants after an attempted escape by the CIE from Barcelona in 2017. The policemen have alleged in their statement as investigated that they used the minimum and proportionate force to repel the aggressions of the men , have informed legal sources.

The events date back to September 16, 2017, when a group of about 30 Algerian migrants tried to escape from the CIE in the Barcelona Free Zone. As the center’s security chief told the judge at the time, the migrants “jumped abruptly” on the police who opened one of the patio doors and tried to attack them with “blunt objects prepared by hand” after “barricading themselves” in the infirmary. The migrants, on the other hand, reported having been attacked.

The images that appear in the summary of the case from the security cameras of the Zona Franca compound captured shoves, kicks and blows by police to migrants. The judge, with the approval of the Prosecutor’s Office, had filed the case up to two times, but the Barcelona Court has twice ordered to reopen it. This Monday the last four agents of the total of eleven investigated have declared.

According to legal sources, the investigated have not only denied that they attacked the migrants but have also stated that they were not prosecuted for the episode and that they received a “public congratulation” from their superiors for the “most complicated” episode in the decade than some of they had been working at the CIE.

The lawyer of one of the inmates who has already been deported to Algeria, Marta Bolinches, from the Irídia center, has denounced the “lack of collaboration” of the agents and the CIE control court, which did not take a statement from them after the events, as neither did it to the complainants. “It was not until four years after the events and because it was ordered by the Barcelona Court that a statement was taken from those investigated,” the lawyer criticized.

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