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Four questions to ask yourself before choosing the best Italian coffee maker for your needs

The mocha or Italian coffee maker, is one of the great successes of industrial design of the twentieth century and perhaps the most widespread coffee infusion system in the world, although other technologies are also spreading on the market, such as the coffee maker. nespresso, the french, the american or, more recently, the chemex. Its aluminum body and its handle bakelite they are already part of our lives.

How to make the perfect coffee in your Italian moka coffee maker

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Its success lies in the technological simplicity of its operation, with just four pieces, and in the achievement of a coffee very similar to that of espresso machines. It is essential, it is a steam pressurized boiling water system, which passes through the ground coffee mass infusing it “dry”, that is, using a limited amount of water so that the infusion is well concentrated.

Patented in Italy by the inventor Alfonso Bialetti In 1933, his company continues to produce the same model, which has licensed a multitude of manufacturers and designers. It is already known that simple and great is twice great, especially in times of mass consumption.

However, its simplicity does not prevent that choosing a mocha coffee maker also has its science, at least today where the offer is as wide as the personal circumstances of each one. That is why before buying one mocha pot, we will have to ask ourselves the following four questions.

1. What type of heat source will I use?

Today, with vitroceramic or induction hobs, and with traditional gas hobs, not all coffee makers work on all surfaces. In principle, on stoves they work all, but not so on induction, where classic mocha coffee makers, made of aluminum due to its high thermal conductivity, are not receptive to the inductive magnetic field.

Therefore, we must choose them specifically designed for induction thanks to its iron base, or apply an induction heat diffuser, which allows any coffee maker to be placed on this type of plates.

On the contrary, induction mocha They are not recommended to be placed on a glass-ceramic plate because their basal iron plate makes them lose thermal conductivity and makes the process of controlling the times in making coffee difficult. So the first thing is to think about what type of base we will use and based on that we will choose the mocha.

2. How many people will have coffee?

If there are six of us at home for coffee, for example in the morning, it makes no sense to buy a mocha for two or four, because we will have to put it on the fire several times; it is better to opt for one of six cups.

On the contrary, if there are only two of us, it is better to buy one of two cups, at most one of four cups in case we repeat, because if we do not always have coffee left over, and unless we like cold and bitter coffee, we will have to throw it away.

3. Steel or aluminum?

But beyond its classic shape and thermal conductivity, the limitations of aluminum must be highlighted:

  • It cannot be put on an induction hob if it is not with an iron base.
  • It cannot be washed in the dishwasher, as this destroys the inner protective layer of the coffee machine, which prevents possible aluminum migrations from the walls, although different study reviews they emphasize that such migrations are always below the maximum tolerated.

On the other hand, the main problem with stainless steel is their weight, annoying in models with many cups, and that the fire darkens the base in case of using a stove, which makes it ugly. Therefore, many models choose to paint the base black.

4. Classic or modern design?

It is a fact that the steel mocha and the aluminum ones are very different in their aesthetic variety, and although there are very innovative aluminum models, it is in the steel where the creativity of the design is most appreciated, with downright memorable models. That is why we must consider whether we want a classic aluminum design or a more modern stainless steel one.

Four designs to fall in love with


This Bialetti brand coffee maker for two is an aesthetic whim but, like all its companions, it is capable of making the best mocha coffees. Its price is 40 euros (see offers) and its weight does not reach 1 kg.

Alessi 9090 / M

Perhaps the best known mocha design after Bialetti’s. It is the conception for steel mocha that the legendary German designer based in Milan conceived Richard Sapper. An aesthetic and functional luxury that nevertheless asserts itself: 170 euros, although there are more offers.

SILBERTHAL Italian Coffee Maker 6 Cups

Six-cup Italian coffee maker in black stainless steel with a matte finish, which combines efficiency and design. It has a reducing filter and a double safety valve. Its price is 45 euros (see more offers).

Bialetti New Moka Induction 4 cups

Bialetti has created an all-terrain coffee maker, also suitable for induction and vice versa, that is, for a hob or glass ceramic. It has achieved this with an external layer in the steel base, but with an internal aluminum wall, to ensure that the heat expands evenly.

It has also taken the opportunity to update its classic design. Its price for four cups is 44.70 euros, although you can find offers for up to 10 euros less.

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