Tuesday, January 18

Four safe and reliable cryptocurrencies to invest

In this way, “chunks” of crypto assets can be purchased.

Next, what are the four safest and most reliable cryptocurrencies to invest before 2022

The list includes Bitcoin, Ether, Solana, and Terra, which are considered the four reliable digital assets that have promising long-term growth potential.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a currency that, unlike the dollar and the euro, is electronic and not physical, so transactions are always carried out on the internet between peers and without any intermediary.

As it is the first digital currency to appear on the market, its price is the highest and is trading at $ 57,492.

Ether (ETH)

Ether is positioned as the second most traded digital asset in the entire ecosystem after Bitcoin.

It is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, the smart contract network that works as a decentralized software platform that is used by developers to build and run other crypto applications and even launch other cryptocurrencies.

In short, it is a cryptocurrency that was born to facilitate payments within the Ethereum ecosystem of cryptographic applications. As more developers choose to create their projects in it, it will have more adoption and therefore its price will go up.

This week, investors saw gains of 8% and its price is around $ 4,500.

Solana (SOL)

In 2030, experts and analysts at Finder, a company that develops financial technology, project that SOL, the Solana blockchain token, will reach a value of $ 5,000.

This estimate may be an opportunity: Solana is currently trading at a low price of $ 206 and can be purchased with pesos through exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Ripio, Buenbit, SatoshiTango, among others.

Earth (MOON)

This digital asset was created with the aim of stabilizing the price of other stablecoins, paired one for one with the US dollar, from the pools of liquidity that work on the Terra blockchain.

In 2021, investors had profits of up to 2000% with LUNA and today its price is around $ 55.