Monday, May 29

Four students denounce a professor at the Blanquerna University of Barcelona for sexual harassment

The Blanquerna Faculty of Communication and International Relations in Barcelona removed a teacher last Wednesday after several complaints of sexual harassment. The professor had already been suspended last September and the center announced that it had made the decision to remove him again as a precautionary measure while the file was resolved. During the last week the number of complainants has been growing and there are now four students who have filed a formal complaint at the University against this professor, whose initials are XS

The UAB closed with a file for abuse of power the sexual harassment of a teacher to his students


The Faculty has also announced that it will create a physical Lila Point and a digital one to inform and raise awareness about attacks and cyberbullying and where the prevention measures adopted will be announced. The Commission for the Lila Point met on Monday and agreed to incorporate the students in its subsequent meetings to continue advancing in the visibility of the protocol in cases of harassment. The case of this professor was revealed last week by The Principal.

The students assure that the teacher used to follow the same modus operandi: he would send a first contact email and later he would raise the tone of the messages, which he also sent through WhatsApp and Instagram. “Merry Christmas and good luck on the exam. I hope to talk to you anytime… don’t think I didn’t see you this morning: khaki plaid pants. Let yourself be taken care of, poly in love…? ”, He wrote to a student, according to what he published The newspaper.

“We will do that. Friday, little while, review, hug and play or fireoooo (as you are). but I will come prepared to change your bathrobe. just because I’m your teacher, okay? ”, he wrote to another student who had to attend an exam review. The student ended up going to the check-up with her father. Another student told TV3 that the teacher asked her if she was a virgin and ordered her to visit him in her office the following year, when she was no longer her teacher.

The students of this faculty have called this Tuesday a concentration in protest both for the acts of the teacher and for the management of the University, which allowed the professor to return to teach after being suspended.

The complaints against this teacher represent a new case in Catalan universities, where in recent months there have been numerous protests and formal complaints against various university teachers, after launched an investigation into sexual and workplace harassment in the faculties .

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