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Four tricks to make a potato tortilla that is lighter in calories

In 2007, the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) established obesity as one of the main promoters of increased cancer risk, due to its consequences both in the sedentary environment and in the consumption of food and drink promoters.

The best potato tortillas in Spain, according to experts


In this context, he established the concept of “high energy density food”, which is one that provides more than 220 kilocalories (kcal) for every 100 grams of product, a more than powerful amount of energy.

In this way, Consumer magazine calculates the standard potato tortilla at 160 kcal per 100 grams. In other words, if we only eat 100 grams we will have a reasonably caloric intake, but as soon as we go too far, or if we double the ration, we jump to 320 kcal, certainly a lot.

Therefore, the potato omelette, despite being a national symbol, is a dish that should be eaten with moderation and conscience and not abused; it cannot be our food base. The reasons are clear: the combination of potatoes, oil and salt is a caloric bomb that the optional onion, healthy and indicated from a dietary point of view, cannot reduce.

However, for those who are faithful to this delicacy, there is the possibility of choosing to cook a lighter tortilla, a “light potato omelette”. And although there are many recipes on the internet that explain it, the base they use is the same: moderate the leg and the oil.

We have chosen the Gorka Barredo’s recipe.

Tricks to make a light potato omelette

1. Cook the potatoes in the microwave

Instead of frying them, we will choose to peel them and cut them thin and immerse them in a bowl with two tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, all well mixed. We will introduce them in the microwave and apply five minutes at maximum temperature.

We will repeat the operation two more times, always removing the potatoes to stir the mixture, and even renewing the mixture of water and oil. Another alternative is to get an oil-free fryer, a device that fries with dry air and therefore significantly reduces the calories of frying.

2. Let’s increase the amount of eggs and reduce the amount of potatoes

Instead of four legs, we can use three, or four, but not so big. And on the other hand, we can lay seven eggs instead of six. The calories of an additional yolk are not higher than those of a potato.

We will add salt, in moderation, no more than two grams, and we will beat them gently for 20 seconds, without leaving the mixture too well done, so that it does not lose water later and the tortilla remains dry.

3. If we put onion, better done in the microwave

We can use the same system for the onion that we use for the potatoes, except that surely a batch of five minutes would be enough. They can also be done in the fryer without oil.

And also, if we have no other option, we can fry the onion in extra virgin olive oil. The trick is to cut the onion into very thin strips, without actually crushing it, so that the oil soaks up little. Then with a blotting paper we will extract the rest of the oil.

4. Fry with little oil and not very hot

After having the eggs, potato and onion, make the mixture homogeneous and transfer it to the frying pan, with a little oil and that is not too hot. The oil should cover the entire surface of the pan, but in a superficial patina.

We will let the tortilla cook over medium low heat and when we are going to turn it around, using a plate, we will once again grease the surface of the pan with a little oil, very superficial. We will then let the other side finish on medium low heat.

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