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Four webcam models to make video calls from any device

Although many of us are returning to the offices and, many others, continue teleworking, it seems that virtual meetings and video calls are here to stay. And it may be that, despite all this time, we are still missing an essential piece: the webcam for video calls.

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At the beginning of the pandemic, due to the increase in demand, the webcams saw their prices rise and the supply disappeared – to this, in addition, the shortage of chips is added. Now, when almost two years have passed since the start of the first state of alarm, this product seems to stabilize again.

If you need one or simply want to improve the quality of your video calls, in ConsumoClaro we recommend some models and tips to choose a webcam.

What to keep in mind

What should we look for when choosing a webcam? Cameras for computers are a market where we can find two “classes”: one more focused on the sharpness of the image and another more focused on offering an attractive result and facilitating the whole process -high resolutions, contrast and even professional microphones-.

Therefore, the most important thing to keep in mind is:

  • Use. What uses do we want to give to our webcam? Although there will be users looking for a camera to make audiovisual content -such as streamings, videos, quality presentations, etc. – most of us will seek to “get out of the way” in video calls and meetings. If this is our goal, then we will have to move away from high-budget webcams, as they will offer us much more than we need.
  • Room / Workspace. We must pay attention to how much light our workspace has (if it is from where we will make video calls), since many webcams work really badly at low levels. So, in some cases, we will have to do either a small spotlight or a camera with integrated lighting.
  • Focus. Lower-budget webcams often have a fixed focus that covers much of the image, as it typically has a wide focus distance. Now, other models, more expensive, have autofocus systems. This allows the lens to adjust to each moment and, in addition, gives an effect bokeh which may be attractive to some users.
  • Resolution. Although there are still webcams with a resolution of 720 pixels, the most common is that they are 1080p. There are also models that reach 2K and 4K, for those looking for greater clarity.

Four models to consider

SriHome Webcam

By 21.99 euros, the SriHome webcam is the alternative that, for a lower price, can give a better result. It is a camera with FullHD resolution and it has a stereo microphone that, although it does not offer great quality, does work well.

It is a device plug & play -That is, it does not need installation- and it has a cover for when we are not using it.

For more details, click here.

Krom Kam

By 32.99 euros -24.99 on sale-, the Krom Kam is a good alternative for those looking for value for money and a product with very good results. It is a webcam with 1080p resolution and frame rate 30 fps (frames per second) which, like the previous one, has a lid.

This webcam has a low-medium quality microphone, but it works surprisingly well in dim light environments. In addition, the Krom Kam includes a tripod to change the position of the webcam and thus be much more versatile.

For more details, click here.

Sunscien Webcam 4k

By 42.99 euros, the Sunscien brand offers a webcam with 4K resolution and cover for those looking for a more demanding model and with a great image quality.

It has a field of view of 105 degrees that allows to capture a very wide space and an auto-focus system to facilitate its use. In addition, it has its own bulb to avoid problems in low light environments.

For more details, click here.

Razer Kiyo

What if we are looking for a high quality and budget webcam? The Razer Kiyo is a high-end camera that has everything we need if our objective is a versatile, quality device and to make content. By 109.99 euros -79.99 on offer-, it is a cam with 1080p resolution at 30 fps and 720p at 60 fps.

The Kiyo also has a built-in spotlight – which allows you to adjust the brightness – which makes it perfect for rooms with very little ambient light. In addition, it has an automatic focus system that improves the experience and makes it more versatile.

For more details, click here.

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