Monday, August 15

Four women claim to have been harassed by the man who threatened Paula Bonet

Paula Bonet would not be the only victim of Víctor GT, the 27-year-old man tried on Friday in Barcelona for threatening the writer and illustrator. The artist’s lawyer, Carla Vall, has revealed that four other women have also claimed to have suffered episodes of harassment by the accused. Two of them have explained her testimony on social networks in the last few hours.

“There are already four women who have contacted me to report that they were victims of this man. We can put you in contact. You are not alone”, Vall has expressed through Twitter. The lawyer already revealed on Friday that the young man accused of threatening and coercing Bonet continuously for three years had a second open case for harassment against another woman for very similar events.

The end of the trial of Víctor GT and his statements at the hearing and to the media, in which he put himself on the same artistic level as Bonet despite not having a known work and called the threats he sent to the illustrator through social networks “sarcasm” , have been the trigger for other women to have broken the silence.

One of the four women who denounced harassment, the photographer Lidia Vives, has recounted her experience on her Twitter account. The man’s first message, she explained, came to him in 2019 through Facebook. “I don’t know how he found me or how he knew he was me since I use a pseudonym on my profile,” she said.

“Hello, you have the face of AIDS. I was joking, eh, beautiful!” Víctor GT wrote to Vives, according to the screenshots provided by the photographer. After several unanswered messages from Vives, a year later the man wrote to him again through Twitter. She asked him to stop texting her, but she didn’t block him to see if she made any “direct threats” with which she could report him.

“Paula’s stalker is someone with that kind of recurring attitude with more women. It is not an isolated case and it is very important to know that. He is someone who follows a pattern. I hope that the judge bears that in mind”, stated the photographer, who has defined the young man as a “disturbed obsessive”.

For her part, the architect Gemma Barricarte explained that during her university years, Víctor GT sent her “compulsive” messages, which she did not answer, after which the man began to have “conversations with himself.” Both women have highlighted that her harassment “hers has no point of comparison” with that suffered by Bonet, since the man went to her studio several times to stalk her and threatened her with death on social networks.