Monday, October 18

France accuses Biden of misleading transatlantic allies




France insists and focuses on Joe Biden the responsibility of a Franco-American crisis and unprecedented transatlantic, after the signing of the draft strategic agreements between the US, Australia and the UK, threatening to prolong the test of force by calling for “responsibilities”.

In an interview broadcast at the time of the highest national audience, granted to ‘France 2’ (first public channel), Jean Yves Le Drian, Minister of Foreign Affairs, declared this Saturday: “The call for consultation of our ambassadors in the USA. The US and Australia is an exceptional diplomatic gesture, fully justified by the exceptional gravity of the announcements made on the 15th. There was a lie, duplicity, deceit to the transatlantic allies».

In Le Drian’s opinion, the agreement signed by Washington, London and Canberra “was negotiated in a small circle, so small that I am not sure that the foreign ministers were aware of what the president of the United States announced. ». It is a slightly elliptical way of place full responsibility for the crisis on Joe Biden. Le Drian added: “The crisis is not over, far from it. We will ask Australia for explanations. A contract signed between allies cannot be broken with the brutality of lies and concealment».

According to Le Drian, «France is not alone in this crisis» This is a direct allusion to the intensive contacts that Paris is making with all the transatlantic allies, waiting to find some form of “solidarity”.

The contract signed between France and Australia, worth 56,000 million euros, was to last for several decades. Speaking on behalf of Emmanuel Macron, Le Drian states: “The USA and France are part of an Alliance, which has other members. Washington’s behavior in Afghanistan last August revealed a lack of information, dialogue and agreement. This absence of dialogue and concealment of projects and actions affects the credibility and trust between historical allies. It is unacceptable”.

France estimates that Joe Biden has behaved with France and the European allies of the Atlantic Alliance and its military organization, NATO, as Donald Trump had done before, moving away from his historic commitment to common solidarity.

From the French perspective, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the breaking of a military and strategic contract with France, Confirm US Departure From Historic Commitment To Europe’s Security. Since his installation on the Elysee, Emmanuel Macron insistently repeats these capital principles: “Europe must ensure its threatened strategic sovereignty.” “The Atlantic Alliance is threatened with brain death,” he declared two years ago.

In the very short term, the French Foreign Minister insists on the Joe Biden’s personal liability in the evolution of the crisis.

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