Tuesday, July 5

France bans “eSports” and “streaming” | Digital Trends Spanish

In France, the use of language is fundamental to the cultural guidelines of the country led by Emmanuel MacronTherefore, a new provision has prohibited the use of the terms «eSports” Y “streaming» or «cloud games» depending on reports AFP.

In the future, the terms that will be used will be joueur-animateur en direct Y jeu video en nuage they should be used for any government communication.

“The changes were made in consultation with the French Ministry of Culture, which has in the past promoted the gaming industry as a economic success story French. However, she told the AFP that he is concerned that the English terms could become a “barrier to understanding” for non-gamers. (That’s a solid point, as I can attest that many French non-gamers would have no idea what a term like “streaming” means.) The French Academytoo a expressed concern about English slang in games, having published a lexicon of alternative French terms in 2017”, maintains the agency.

Past Efforts of the French Academy to replace anglicisms have not gone well: his attempt to get people to use the access sans fil à internet instead of will wifi failed completely, as pointed out The Local France.

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