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France judges 20 jihadists for Bataclan

Correspondent in Paris



Today begins in the Palace of Justice, former and first residence of the kings of France, in the historic heart of Paris, the trial of the perpetrators and accomplices of the Islamic terrorist attacks of the November 13, 2015, which claimed 130 dead and 413 injured in the Stade de France, the Bataclan concert hall and four terraces, a string of massacres with disturbing international, European, Syrian and Middle Eastern ramifications.

Graph of the 2015 Paris attacks
Graph of the 2015 Paris attacks – ABC

Éric Dupong-Moretti, Minister of Justice, has insisted on the historical and international dimension of the process: “The whole world will follow this process, whose ramifications, more current than ever, remind us at all times of the gravity of those crimes and their international scope.”

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, has sent an official circular to the highest leaders of State security, with this request: “We must strengthen our level of vigilance. Very particularly in all the places and public spaces classified as sensitive ».

“We must strengthen our level of vigilance”

A five-minute walk from the cathedral of Our Lady and ten from the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Justice had to set up a 750-square-meter room, built entirely of wood, in its immense hall of lost steps, to receive 1,775 civil parties, plaintiffs, relatives or representatives of the victims , assisted by more than 300 lawyers before the court of five magistrates that will have to judge twenty defendants.

After five years of instruction, the accumulated documentation amounts to 542 volumes of documents, which add up to a million pages, equivalent to 53 linear meters of a conventional library. The process should take at least nine months if there are no unforeseen delays.

The President of the Tribunal, Jean-Louis Périès, will announce today the opening of the process, specifying all strictly procedural questions.

The first witnesses will begin to testify on the 13th of this September. Two weeks later, on the 28th, the interrogations of the victims (injured who saved their lives, relatives) and fourteen of the defendants present will begin, another six will be tried but will be absent, for various reasons.

As of November 10 Francois Hollande, former president of France, and Bernard Cazeneuve, former Minister of the Interior, will offer their privileged testimonies. Between mid-November and Christmas, French and Belgian investigators will present their police findings. On January 13 he will be questioned Salah Abdeslam, the only one alive among the members of the commandos who carried out the massacres.

After the interrogations of Salah Abdeslam, the 300 lawyers of the victims and civil parties will begin to speak for two or three months. Around May 24 or 25, a few weeks after the second round of the presidential elections, the Court is due to deliver its sentence or announce the date of its final decision.

One of the processes of the century

This is one of the great judicial processes of the last century, not only in France. His instruction has national, European and international dimensions of an always disturbing topicality.

The massacres of November 13, 2015 in Paris were conceived and organized, between Siria e Iraq, for the Islamic ‘caliphate’ of the time, also known as Daesh or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, a variant of Al Qaida, always present in Afghanistan, the Middle East and the Sahel. From Syria and Iraq, the men and demons of Islamic jihadism found accomplices in Belgium and France, and were able to mount one of the most heinous massacres of jihadism in Europe.

Three commandos consummated the bloodbaths and massacres of the Stade de France, the eastern terraces of Paris and the Bataclan party hall. Those material authors of the crimes are directed by Salah Abdeslam, thanks to the support of two other terrorist commandos that carried out direct coverage of the perpetrators of the massacres.

The conversion of Afghanistan into a new Islamic ’emirate’, in strategic competition, real, presumed or fictitious, like other Islamic families and organizations, fundamentalists, of Kabul al Mabreg, at the gates of Spain and Mediterranean Europe, it gives the process that is beginning today in Paris an exceptional dimension.

The process will allow to reconstruct with relative precision the ‘modus operandi’ of the leaders and militants of the various Daesh and Al Qaida affiliates, one of the great threats that weigh on the security of Europe and all the great Western democracies. “All land not subjected to Islam is threatened. Not just Europe. It is the whole of the non-Muslim, western and liberal world, in particular, that is today threatened by Islamism, “he told ABC, at the time, Remi Brague, academic, historian, philosopher, reputed specialist in medieval, Muslim, Jewish and Christian philosophy.

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