Thursday, July 7

France once again allows Spaniards who do not have residency to be vaccinated after having banned it for a few hours

France once again allows Spanish citizens, whether or not they reside in the neighboring country, to receive any of the COVID-19 vaccines there. After this past weekend it was made public that in some vaccination centers in France, a residence card was not required or to be registered with the French social security, the avalanche of applications from Spain multiplied. Faced with this reality, in some towns near the border with Euskadi such as Biarritz, this Monday they decided to turn off the tap, not so in other municipalities such as Capbreton, 60 kilometers from Irún.

The Basque Country sees it as “respectable” that young people go to France to get vaccinated faster, bypassing the Spanish protocol

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In this town, the morning has been lived with uncertainty. If at 8.30, as explained by those responsible for the vaccination center to, the prefecture of the region in which the town is located gave an order to stop vaccinating Spaniards without residence in France, minutes before 11.00, they again received a call from the same authority to accept anyone again.

However, those responsible for the center have explained that they do not know if this new decision will be maintained beyond today, or if, on the contrary, the French authorities will restrict vaccines again. “It is something that has to be resolved between the two countries. Today we can vaccinate, tomorrow we do not know,” these same sources have pointed out.

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