Saturday, September 25

France to offer free contraception to all women under 25

The French Government seeks to counteract the fall in contraceptive use among young women in the country, through the extension of free contraceptives, but also the necessary medical tests and consultations for all women up to the age of 25.

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The French Minister of Health, Olivier VĂ©ran, announced this Thursday that, as of January, these resources will be offered free of charge until the age of 25, because it has been found that up to that age there are women who renounce contraceptives and “the first motive “is economical. Until now, the Executive covered these expenses only in the case of those under 18 years of age

The minister, who has not quantified the fall in contraceptive use among young women, explained in an interview to the television channel France 2 that the cap has been set at 25 years because it is an age at which there is already financial autonomy.

The Social Security will assume not only the cost of contraceptives (whatever type they are), but also the analyzes and consultations to obtain prescriptions, as well as “all the attentions” that are linked, he specified. The total cost of this measure will be 21 million euros per year.

The measure will cover around 1.5 million women from January 1, who until now were reimbursed 65% of the cost of contraceptives.

Total gratuity has already been in force since 2013 for adolescents between the ages of 15 and 18, and this has contributed to significantly reduce abortions in that age group. In August 2020, it was extended to those under 15 years of age.

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