Monday, July 4

France votes today in the regionals as a rehearsal for the 2022 presidential elections

Correspondent in Paris



Forty-three million French people are invited to vote today in the first round of regional and departmental elections, which should confirm a victory for the traditional right and center, a significant growth of the extreme right, a stagnation and division of the left , and a possible significant failure of the party of Emmanuel Macron. A “disturbing” abstention is feared.

The 17 French regions they have very modest political power. They are incomparable with the Spanish regions and the hundred departments are a kind of “branches” of the central political power. Ten months before the next presidential election, the final result of these elections, two rounds, will give indicators on the state of public opinion and the major voting trends.

The traditional center and right rule in seven of the metropolitan regions and on the island of Reunion, an overseas territory. All polls insist on the trend: deep France will continue to vote for the traditional right. The Republicans (LR, Nicolas Sarkozy’s party) and the rest of the center-right families will increase their power in the Ile-de-France, by far the most important region.

The map of relations of forces
The map of the relations of forces – ABC

The PS and the rest of the left-wing forces, very divided, control five metropolitan regions and two overseas territories, Guyana and Martinique. These elections will only allow us to confirm if the PS loses or does not lose the hegemony among the left, when the PCF is sunk.

The regionalists will continue to rule on the island of Corsica, where the old pro-independence temptations were devalued years ago, far removed from the Catalan and Basque “models” that the Corsicans discarded a long time ago.

Censorship against Macron

The Republic On The Move (LREM), Macron’s party, only governs in collation in Guadeloupe, overseas territory, the last confetti of the old ‘imperial glories’. It is still symptomatic that the party of the President of the Republic has a so minimal and modest implantation. All polls announce that LREM will remain stagnant throughout France. It is quite unanimously thought that these regional and departmental governments could have some “vote of no confidence” against Macron.

Agrupación Nacional (AN, far right), Marine Le Pen’s party, does not participate in the management of any region. But it is the only force that seems to grow significantly in all of France, in all polls.

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