Monday, August 2

France will require the COVID certificate to enter closed premises and will sanction health workers who do not get vaccinated

French President Emmanuel Macron announced this Monday that the certificate of vaccination or of having passed the coronavirus that is used as a health passport in large agglomerations will be used in restaurants, bars, theaters and cinemas from next week.

Macron has also announced that health personnel and those who work with fragile people, employees of nursing homes, will have the obligation to get vaccinated before September 15, and from then on there will be sanctions for those who do not.

“The more we vaccinate, the less space we leave for the virus to spread,” said the head of state in a televised speech in which he advanced new measures to stop the increase in infections due to the spread of the Delta variant, which already represents more than half of all cases in France.

The reason for these measures is that the percentage of those vaccinated in this group is relatively low (around 60% with at least one dose at the beginning of the month) despite the fact that as a priority group they have had access to immunization since winter.

Several members of the Government, starting with the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, had again ruled out in recent days extending this obligation to the entire population. But that does not prevent it from being imposed on other groups that have direct contact with vulnerable audiences.

Also in Greece

France was not the only European country to announce these measures. Greece will force nursing home workers and health personnel in public and private centers to be vaccinated, in addition to opening hospitality and leisure only to vaccinated people, in an effort to achieve group immunity before autumn, it announced this Monday the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Residential staff who have not done so will have to be vaccinated immediately or will be suspended from employment from August 16, while health personnel will be forced from September 1. As of this Friday and until the end of August, the indoor areas of bars, restaurants, discos, cinemas and theaters will open, but only for those who can certify that they have been vaccinated and with all customers seated, both indoors and outdoors. .

At the end of June the Greek Government announced that the hotel and leisure industry could open their interiors with two modalities, exclusive spaces for vaccinated and mixed, but the latter would have a much smaller capacity than the former. However, the increase in infections and the advance of the delta variant, together with the refusal of a large part of the hoteliers to control and separate their clientele, has led the Executive to toughen the strategy.

Mitsotakis highlighted today in a televised speech that these measures seek to protect the health of workers and those around them, but also “constitute an act of justice for the majority of citizens, who act with responsibility and social sensitivity.” After the end of the curfew, Greece has registered several sources of contagion in bars and parties, especially among young people, who accumulate the majority of cases of the delta variant: 70% localized affects those under 40 years of age.

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