Wednesday, October 20

France Won’t Cut Power to Jersey Ahead of Winter, Beaune Says

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By Geraldine Amiel

(Bloomberg) —

France has no plans to cut power to the island of Jersey but could use other measures if the UK doesn’t respect the Brexit deal on fishing, French European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune said on Friday.

“The idea is not to tell Jersey people that they won’t have power this winter,” Beaune said in an interview with RMC radio and BFM TV. “To cut power to each Jersey inhabitant who needs heat this winter, this won’t happen.”

Yet France could decide on some targeted measures if it doesn’t get around 450 fishing licenses as set out in the Brexit deal, he added. These could include reducing power supplies to Jersey.

“We’re not asking for more than what’s in the deal,” Beaune said, adding that only 275 licenses had been given out so far. Should the UK fail to respect its side of the Brexit agreement, France will reciprocate, he said.

“The British need us to sell their fishing products, they need us for their energy, they need us for their financial services, they need us for their research centers, they ask for cooperation with European universities,” he said.

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