Tuesday, February 27

Frances Haugen wants to train lawyers to fight against Facebook | Digital Trends Spanish

The whistleblower and former Facebook employee, Frances Hagenwants to go one step further in its fight against the platform created by mark zuckerbergand wants to start a nonprofit focused on holding companies like Meta accountable, according to a report of Political.

The organization, which Haugen wants to call Beyond the Screen, plans to focus on three main goals: educating lawyers who might be taking on social media companies, incentivizing investors to research how socially responsible a technology company is before give you money, and give regulators and researchers an inside look at how the platforms work.

One of Haugen’s main goals with this legal training program with Beyond the Screen is that it can give attorneys an edge when involved in class action lawsuits against social media giants by making sure they know what to look for when filing. He also wants to create a metric that investors can use to compare how well companies are doing at keeping their users safe, which could give them a way to justify why they’re divesting from a company that may be good for business, but bad for society.

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