Thursday, December 1

Francesc de Dalmases resigns as vice president of Junts but maintains his minutes in Parliament

Francesc de Dalmases will cease to be vice president of Junts and also leaves his seat on the parliamentary commission for public media, but maintains the minutes as a deputy. The party has announced this decision after a tense meeting of the Executive and after the party has corroborated through an independent report that the leader intimidated a TV3 journalist last July, as revealed by Finally, Dalmases’ departure from the Executive takes place with the appearance of being his own decision, despite the fact that the politician had tried to avoid the consequences of his case at all times and had denied the facts.

Finally, the internal pressure for him to leave his positions in the leadership of the party has been imposed and the sector that supported Dalmases, in which Laura Borràs falls, has accepted a resignation as vice president but maintaining his position and the majority of parliamentary powers.

The Executive of the formation has met this Tuesday to make a decision on the report commissioned by Junts to the lawyer Marga Oranich on the violent episode carried out by the deputy in the TV3 program FAQs. In her brief, the lawyer concludes that the journalist “felt intimidated” despite the fact that he “assures that she did not intimidate anyone” and she cites twenty witnesses to corroborate the facts that this newspaper already published last July. . Oranich also denounced having received pressure from the party and directly targeted Laura Borràs, president of Junts.

Junts sectors opposed to Borràs and Dalmases had asked for the head of the latter after the internal report confirmed some facts that they consider incompatible with the party’s vice-presidency. Training sources cited by Europa Press spoke on Monday of great “discomfort” in the training and asked for an exit that would go through the dismissal of the deputy from his executive positions in the party.

Parallel to the open schism in Junts, several parliamentary groups have tried to restart the Commission for the Statute of the Deputy, where it must be resolved if Dalmases violated the code of conduct for deputies. Until now the president of the commission, Jaume-Alonso Cuevillas, has avoided calling the meeting to discuss this matter, but this week groups such as PSC and ERC have demanded to set a date for the meeting in which a report on the episode and its relevance must be approved parliamentary

The events that have led to this situation occurred last July, after the interview with the suspended president of Parliament, Laura Borràs, in the guest rooms. There Dalmases and the deputy director of the program had a discussion about the content and development of the interview in a space separate from the rest of the members of the Borràs team. “There was a lot of tension and many of the people present felt a significant degree of stress,” says the report, which also mentions the alleged blows and insults heard by those present.

According to what the lawyer has compiled, one of the interviewees says he feels like Dalmases told the journalist that she was a bad professional and that “her program was shit and a pathetic presenter.” As for the blows, which some have attributed to the action of hitting furniture, the deputy assured that he made the noise by picking up the mobile phone from a stir on the table. The file also echoes the message that Dalmases posted on Twitter after the facts were known: “Speaking with the deputy, he told me that this apology did not imply an acceptance of guilt.”

The management of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA) condemned the anger and Dalmases “temporarily” stepped aside as spokesman for the public media commission in Parliament.