Wednesday, August 4

Francino’s anger

Until not long ago, Carles Francino and Jaume Serra had in common that they were two Catalan journalists with a few three-year terms on Cadena Ser, more the second than the first. Now they are also two people to whom the covid has changed the vital perspective. Both were in good physical shape and had no previous pathologies. Serra fell ill when only the one that was coming upon us was sensed. I remember the first message I sent him asking him about the rumor that there was a positive on Radio Barcelona. “Yes, it’s me,” he replied. It was when we called it coronavirus, when it was not yet known what exactly it was, before the disease had a name, that of COVID-19.

Francino caught her in March of this year. The ‘La Ventana’ team had bowling often and that is why he was one of those who did “follow-up controls.” When he had to go home to comply with the quarantine, he was angry because he thought that with all the precautions he had taken he would not touch him. He ended up at the Jiménez Díaz and suffered a stroke that he does not remember but that could cost him his life. Francino excitedly relived those 46 days of hospital his return to the radio, with seven kilos less and with a broken voice, but finally recovered, which surely did more to raise awareness among many Spaniards than most political appearances.

Hearing them both share their experience, despite the modesty it causes them, is a lump in the throat. Another journalist, Carla Turró, convinced them to do it on the program ‘The Balcó‘, in SER Catalunya. Serra, who suffers from persistent covid, summed up with a phrase that freezes what it is to still struggle after so many months: “It’s been 500 days without feeling well for a single day.” He related how there are times when he thinks he is improving and that he probably is. His passage through Institut Guttmann it has had a lot to do with those developments. When Francino or whoever asks him how he’s doing, he cross-asks: Compared to what? Because he is not the same as before, although he recognizes himself optimistic because he considers himself privileged. And because despite not feeling well, waking up fatigued most days, he knows cases of people who are much worse. Some are young like the girl who only washes her hair twice a week because if not, the rest of the day she is unable to do anything. Francino says that the disease that luckily he does not suffer should be renamed and called “maddeningly persistent covid.”

The conversation between the two journalists took place last Friday, when the contagion indicators were once again soaring, especially among the youngest, with rates that had not been seen in Catalonia throughout the pandemic. “We are as we are for having done the donkey for the third or fourth time in a row”, sums up Francino and if in case with his tone it had not been clear he finishes: “I am angry because many days ago they warned us, that people who understand of this he said ‘be careful this is not over’ “. Serra recalls that some of the young people who are also with persistent covid were boys and girls who practiced sports for nothing, who did not have any disease and who now wonder if what is left of their lives they will continue to feel this bad.

No wonder Francino is pissed off. We were warned, but there were festivals of Sant Joan. We were warned, but there were parties and end-of-term trips. We were warned, but in mass festivals where you did not have to keep your distance, although the mask was mandatory, the photographs show that many people did not wear it. We were warned and we are as we are. Now the most comfortable thing is to say that there was permission to organize the parties, that the venues were open, the groups allowed and the mass concerts had authorization. You know, ‘porco governo’, whoever it is, and surf as we can on the wave.

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