Monday, September 27

Francisco Camps entrusts his image washing to the communication agency of a prosecuted for fraud of the PP

Francisco Camps has been threatening to return to the Valencian political scene for months. Step by step, to the fright of the current leadership of the PP, Camps designs an image wash while dragging a pending legal case. The last episode was the creation of a web page, still under construction, commissioned by an agency specialized in political and institutional communication by two young advertisers. “From here I will answer your questions and tell you about the political and social news,” says the new Camps website.

The Martínez March agency depends on the company Tfs-Inmo-Grup SL, dedicated to insurance, which belongs to María Carmen Lutgarda Gavira Villena, who holds half of the shareholding and was on the municipal lists of the PP for the Valencia City Council in 2015 (Almost every candidate on that list ended up being investigated in the ‘Taula case’ piece about smurfing).

According to the data consulted by in the Mercantile Registry, the attorney-in-fact of the company is Miguel Gallego Blanca, a former popular councilor in Montcada prosecuted for fraud and prevarication along with the defendant in the “Taula case” Juan José Medina, former mayor of the town and number two of Alfonso Rus in the Valencia Provincial Council, for mortgaging six municipal parcels after having sold them.

The then manager of the municipal mercantile Promotion Económica de Moncada SA (Pemsa), José Ignacio Orero Lillo, also prosecuted for fraud, sold the parcels on behalf of the entity following the instructions of Medina and the former councilor of the Treasury, Miguel Gallego, attorney of Tfs-Inmo-Grup SL. His brother, Serafín Gallego Blanca, holds 25% of the company’s shareholding.

The corporate purpose of the company has evolved from the sale of vehicles to insurance. Four years ago, the company changed its corporate purpose to include “deliveries, intra-community acquisitions and imports of investment gold, silver, copper and other precious metals, precious stones, raw materials, works of art, foreign exchange and commodities“.

The firm is the owner of the communication agency and has its registered office in Montcada. Raquel Martínez, publicist and advertiser, and Pau March, trained in Valencia and Madrid, are the two young people at the head of the agency that has designed the website of the former Valencian president who has gone down in history as the head of ranks of the regional government with more charges convicted or jailed for corruption. Both young people interviewed the former Valencian president on Twitch, presenting him as one of the first Valencian politicians to join the new platform (before the socialist Manolo Mata or the Catalan Ombudsman Fran Ferri).

“We have to say that he is one of the first Valencian politicians who has joined the Twitch trend in a very brave way,” said Raquel Martínez in the presentation of the interview, during which Camps reaffirmed his “illusion” to return to the political front line. Regarding his candidacy for mayor of Valencia, the former president of the Generalitat declared: “It would not matter to me, but it depends on the party.” During the interview, Camps vindicated the spirit of Aznar’s re-founding and the figure of the late mayor Rita Barberá, his maximum political and personal reference.

The former president of the Generalitat Valenciana, acquitted by a popular jury of the cause of the suits of the “Gürtel case”, has proposed his new website as a kind of office to answer questions and attend to proposals and reflections. The website, however, is still under construction. Since his first attempts to return to the forefront of Valencian politics, Camps has stood out with the use of social networks, especially on Twitter (where he presents himself as a “PP militant since 1982”). His Instagram account includes some thirty photographs from his time as president, as a scrapbook.

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