Thursday, July 7

Francisco Cuenca (PSOE), new mayor of Granada

A week later, Granada has a new mayor. The socialist Francisco Cuenca has taken control of the baton in a plenary session that has not departed from the planned script and that has allowed the PSOE to rule the city again two years later. Cuenca, who was already a councilor between 2016 and 2019, has achieved the support of Unidos Podemos-IU and that of the two councilors of Ciudadanos, former mayor Luis Salvador and José Antonio Huertas, who have moved away from the political right that had allowed a bipartite between Cs and PP until a month ago.

Although the news is not surprising, because since Salvador submitted his resignation, he has not hidden that he would support the PSOE for having been the most voted list in the 2019 elections, it is the end of a carousel of desperate negotiations so that the right to agree a joint government again. The national leadership of the oranges has pressured its former mayor until the last minute to give up his efforts to give the mandate to the Cuenca socialist, claiming that it was unethical to do so because he is still “accused” in a case in which the hiring is being investigated. of external personnel for training courses of the Junta de Andalucía a decade ago.

But Luis Salvador has not yielded to those of Inés Arrimadas and has remained firm in his decision to favor a PSOE government and take away all options from his own party and the popular ones, having felt betrayed by both. Council sources explain that the former mayor is upset with the national direction of Citizens because in two years of mandate he has barely had support or an institutional visit and, in addition, in recent weeks they have left him especially alone, despite the fact that it was the PP the that dynamited the bipartisan by getting out of it. For this reason, he did not want to encourage the popular to come to power because they not only resigned en bloc on June 8, but they have not stopped pressuring him to leave.

With everything resolved, the Popular Party’s strategy has ended up failing. Although the origin of everything was in the former Granada president of the popular, Sebastián Pérez, who left the party, but not his act as councilor, and threatened to give the government to the PSOE supporting a motion of censure if there was no alternation between Luis Salvador and a PP candidate, as was supposedly agreed during the 2019 inauguration, the Popular Party embraced that plan without measuring the consequences.

After a month of intrigues and very harsh pressure from various fronts, the PP has ended up giving the PSOE the mayoralty thanks to an erratic strategy. Although they have presented Francisco Fuentes as their consensus candidate capable of adding the support of all the councilors of the bipartite, with the exception of Salvador and Huertas, the arithmetic did not favor them because they did not need to obtain the 14 supports of the absolute majority or it would come out the PSOE as the most voted option in the local elections of 2019. In fact, Vox got out of any agreement on Tuesday afternoon when it saw that there would be no agreement. To curl the loop and play its own media role -very blurred and hardly relevant in recent weeks-, the extreme right has appointed its spokesman Onofre Miralles as a testimonial candidate.

The resistance capacity of Luis Salvador, who did not resign until July 1, was closing doors for a new bipartisan because the ex-mayor proposed that if the PP did not return, “other formulas” would be explored that went through giving power to the socialists. In fact, the new councilor, Francisco Cuenca, was open to negotiating with all parties -except for Vox- because of the “anomalous” situation. Hence, Luis Salvador and Cuenca have ended up meeting again to give the mayor’s office to the second, as it already happened in 2016.