Sunday, August 14

Francisco Igea joins the executive of Inés Arrimadas in Ciudadanos in the process of refounding the party

Inés Arrimadas announced this Thursday that her old rival for the leadership of Ciudadanos in 2020, the former vice president of Castilla y León Francisco Igea, is joining the executive at this time of the refoundation of the party. In a joint appearance, Arrimadas has reported that she offered Igea to join the executive committee as an incorporation that shows “a clear commitment to unity, integration and defending the same values ​​from a party that continues to be essential, absolutely necessary.”

The president of Ciudadanos has acknowledged that there are “important differences on some issues” between the two but that their incorporation means showing that “we share the most relevant: some values, some ideas, a project for Spain and that we are defenders of freedom and of the liberal space that our party represents”.

For its part, Igea thanked Arrimadas for “the enormous generosity” in the process of refounding the party, asking the militants that “this is not the time to look at our nails, nor for grudges.” “Today, when governments hang on to populism on the left and on the right, it is more necessary than ever for a party like Ciudadanos to provide good sense,” she justified in order to accept Arrimadas’ proposal. The one who was a rival in the primaries has indicated that it must be recognized that the situation that Ciudadanos is going through “is undeniably difficult” but that he believes that the work put in place will ensure that “this party is going to come out of this situation stronger” since ” We have a lot to contribute to this country.”

Francisco Igea is the only regional deputy that Citizens had left in the Cortes of Castilla y León after the elections on February 13, with which Alfonso Fernández Mañueco got rid of his hitherto government partners and went on to agree on a new executive regional government with the extreme right of Vox, making Juan García-Gallardo vice president without portfolio and successor to Igea. In the previous Igea government, in addition to vice president, he was a Transparency advisor and government spokesman.

After the electoral failure in Andalusia, where he was left without representation, Arrimadas has promoted a refoundation process with another brand to avoid its total disappearance that will last for six months and will serve to face the 2023 elections in the best possible conditions. The party has set up a political and a technical team to address the changes that will include an internal process of confirmation or change of the executive, although for now the process will be supervised under the presidency of Inés Arrimadas herself.