Monday, August 8

Frankie, the dinosaur who warns the UN that if we do not act in the face of the climate crisis we will become extinct

A dinosaur breaks into the middle of a United Nations summit, his name is Frankie and, despite his friendly nickname, he is very angry with the human species for his laziness when it comes to fighting the climate crisis. Frankie is the protagonist of a campaign broadcast from the UN in which he virtually ‘invades’ the hemicycle to show his amazement that humanity is extinguishing itself.

His message is clear: forceful action against the climate crisis is necessary, because otherwise we will walk directly towards the extinction of our species. “I know a few things about extinction, and let me tell you – and you will think it is obvious – that extinction is not a good thing,” he says as soon as he reaches the lectern. In addition, he criticizes that “causing our own extinction” is the most ridiculous thing he has heard in 70 million years. “At least we had an asteroid, what is your excuse?” He wonders.

Frankie lists several reasons why humans are precipitating the climate crisis – “they are heading towards a climate disaster and every year governments spend billions on fossil fuel subsidies. Imagine if we had spent billions each year subsidizing meteorites” – and invites reflection on how all this money could be invested in the fight against poverty. “Don’t you think that helping them would make more sense than paying for the disappearance of their own species?” He wonders.

Finally, it highlights the “unique in the history of mankind” opportunity to rebuild the economy after the pandemic with the protection of the environment as a priority. “So this is my idea: do not choose extinction. Save your species before it is too late. It is time for you humans to stop making excuses and start making changes,” he sentenced at the end of his speech. Afterwards, the international representatives respond with a loud applause to his words and the slogan “It is now or never. Don´t choose extinction”, closes the video.

The campaign has been well received on social media, where Frankie has her own Twitter profile (@frankiethedino) and is part of the UN #DontChooseExtinction campaign that seeks to encourage governments to take part in climate action before it’s too late.

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