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Freddy Guevara: «Negotiation with Maduro includes coexistence with Chavismo»

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After fifteen days of being free under a presentation regime, Freddy Guevara, coordinator of Voluntad Popular, the party founded by Leopoldo Lopez, alerts about the serious diseases suffered by dozens of sick political prisoners who could die if they are not treated soon.

The opposition deputy Guevara offered a press conference on Tuesday to talk about the serious situation suffered by the 61 cases of the 332 political prisoners that they serve sentence without trial with Chavismo in the prisons of Venezuela, and not of the regional elections or the negotiation that began in Mexico.

“I ask for the release of all political prisoners, but in the meantime there are very serious cases that must be taken care of by the health authorities because they could die,” he said at the press conference.

He mentioned the pathologies suffered by the most serious prisoners, such as Héctor Hernández, Alejandro Mogollón, Gustavo José Morales, and Pedro Luis Guillén among others, referring to the case of Gabriel Medina, who died last week because he did not receive medical attention.

In his appearance to the press, Guevara, 35, who was twice imprisoned by the regime, the first time in exile in the Chilean Embassy and the second two months ago when he was kidnapped by the Maduro police in full conversations to start the dialogue between the parties.

Guevara clarified that he was released fifteen days ago for heart problems that are being cared for by your personal physician and he must appear in court on a monthly basis but he is not prohibited from leaving Venezuela so he can travel to Mexico.

He denied that he will be incorporated as a member of the delegation representing the opposition of the interim president Juan Guaidó in the negotiation started in Mexico, although I would go to work where it is most useful if necessary.

“We are convinced that a negotiated solution with the Maduro regime is necessary for Venezuela. The time to displace and eliminate the other party is over. We must all give up pride ».

Campaign to inform

Guevara will dedicate himself to campaigning to inform Venezuelans about the need for negotiation, which “must end in a process of cohabitation, of coexistence with Chavismo. My campaign includes talking about the negotiation with the Chavista United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). We will speak with the truth and how necessary it is to reach an Agreement for National Salvation ».

He affirmed that all parties must make concessions but clarified that agreeing and negotiating with the adversary does not mean “giving in to principles, morals and values.”

The second round of talks between the delegations of Guaidó and Maduro It will be held in Mexico from December 3 to 6 with the mediation of Norway after having signed a Memorandum of Understanding of seven points on August 13, among them, free and fair elections and the lifting of sanctions.

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