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The United States is an increasingly diverse country with a growing number of Latinos. But English remains key to much of our activities. For this reason, English as a Second Language or ESL (English as Second Language) programs are key. Do you want to know what are the available options? We choose the top free ESL courses In U.S.A.

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Although many universities offer exclusive ESL courses for their students and there are private centers that offer programs with paid certification, in this list we select the free alternatives that libraries and other organizations make available to the community.

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What are ESLs?

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Many schools, from preschool through high school, as well as universities and private institutions, offer ESL programs, also called ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).

ESL programs are designed to learn English by improving oral expression, listening comprehension and writing, since in this way you will have the possibility of getting a job, accessing schools or getting along better in your daily life.

Unlike traditional courses, ESL programs are aimed at people who live in an English-speaking country, such as the United States, and are exposed to situations and scenarios in this language every day. As such, some programs also include classes in math, science, and history, and have support systems in place to avoid the frustrations of not being fluent in English.

Free ESL Programs

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Literacy Partners – New York

With a 40-year history, Literacy Partners is a program that offers free ESL courses in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens for low-income New Yorkers. The entity also offers certificates of high school equivalency (HSE).

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New York Public Library

The New York Public Library has two types of English classes available at more than 40 libraries in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. These are held throughout the year in 10-week cycles. Classes are aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced level students.

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City Colleges of Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Community Colleges provide free English classes to Illinois residents who are not native English speakers. Courses range from basic skills to help advanced learners perfect their second language.

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Los Angeles Public Library

The Literacy Centers of Los Angeles offer courses to improve English at different levels, regardless of the objective of the students. Although it offers limited face-to-face services for students and volunteers, it also has online options and virtual tutoring.

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