Saturday, September 25

Free European travel insurance for Nationwide FlexAccount holders to end in December

FlexAccount holders who’ve held an account since before December 2016 have been able to keep their free European travel insurance provided they paid £750/mth into their account and they filled in the annual insurance declaration regarding current medical conditions.

Yet, while the cover will be withdrawn for most customers at the end of the year, those who have paid for annual upgrades, such as to keep the insurance after their 75th birthday or to cover a medical condition, will be able to keep their FlexAccount travel insurance until the upgrade expiry date.

Nationwide says only a quarter of its existing FlexAccount members actually now benefit from the free travel insurance element.

Annual European travel insurance is available from £13 a year

While Nationwide is offering a 30% discount on Direct Line travel insurance for existing FlexAccount customers who currently have the insurance perk, that may not be the cheapest travel insurance available.

If you are looking to replace Nationwide’s travel insurance, annual European cover is available from £13 for an individual, or £33 for a family. For our full top pick annual travel policies, see Cheap Travel Insurance.

What does Nationwide say?

A spokesperson for Nationwide said: “We have kept our free European travel insurance in place for longstanding FlexAccount members for five years after removing it for new members in 2016. However, with a relatively small proportion of members now meeting the eligibility criteria, we have taken the decision to simplify our proposition and align terms for all FlexAccount members.”

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