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Free self-defense classes in Jerez for women: “You have to erase the feeling of fear”

“I had a partner until recently. He had been abusing me psychologically for a long time, he told me that I was worth nothing. It was nullifying me. For some time now, he was already pushing me and I cut to the chase. But you still have that insecurity, both physical and mental, and that’s why I needed help. Vanessa has given it to me”. This is the testimony of Fátima, a Jerez native who has attended the free course given in Jerez by Vanessa Domenech, a certified karate-do and self-defense instructor.

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Vanessa belongs to the Kyushinkan Association of Jerez. She teaches children up to 16 years of age at the Jesús María La Asunción School and has been thinking about the idea of ​​helping women through karate for a long time. Not only to initiate them in this sport, but also to serve as a platform to overcome fears and insecurities.

“Before the pandemic I did something with women on the beach, but among friends. With COVID, defense classes stopped due to fear of contact, but now they have resurfaced and when this year I started launching course posters at school, some mothers began to ask me if there were classes for them, ”he explains.

The defense begins with internal work, mental work, and then we will work on the physical to feel safer people

His first call has been a great success. “I thought that 15 or 20 women were going to come, but as soon as I took out the poster, the mobile did not stop ringing. 80 women signed up. I have been practicing martial arts since I was 12 years old and I always see that women are a minority, at least in my world.”

“I like women to feel more secure. The other day we were practicing some exercises and many told me that they couldn’t and I said that can not You have to change it because defense is that necessary work to overcome the feeling of not having strength, not feeling capable or not feeling safe. That negative message is captured by the subconscious. If you don’t defend yourself from your own limitations, you will hardly be able to defend yourself from a situation on the street. The defense begins with internal work, mental work, and then we will work on the physical to feel more secure people. I don’t like them bowing their heads because there are many difficulties in life and from a young age you have to know how to deal with them”, explains the convinced karate fighter.

Thanks to teachings like this, you can clear the horizon of those women who think twice before going out at night with total normality. “Women seek the power to go out and have that point of security. We must erase the feeling of fear of going alone on the street at night, but in the end society bombards us with negative news of many cases in which women suffer.

“Now I need to feel strong”

Taking the first step with the initiation course has served to excite many Jerez women, who ask Vanessa to continue. She will continue to give those classes for free: “My students want us to do things more often and the next course will also be free. I am lucky to be able to do what I like and although I live from my classes, I don’t mind selflessly helping women. There were many who thanked me and that fills me more than the economic issue”.

Fatima appreciates Vanessa’s work and feels that she is a very special help. “I don’t know when I will have a partner again because I have finished very badly. Now what I need is to feel strong, relate and be sure of myself. Thanks to her I can recover that self-esteem that you lose with negative experiences.”

“I want that not to be able to you, that you be able to stand up to him, although it is not easy. Karate is a way of relating, playing sports and feeling safe. It comforts me as a person and I help other women”, adds Vanessa.