Monday, May 16

French far-right candidate Éric Zemmour sentenced to pay 10,000 euros for inciting racial hatred

The far-right candidate for the presidency of France Éric Zemmour has been sentenced to pay 10,000 euros for inciting racial hatred. The politician declared on the CNews network in 2020 that the accompanied minors were “thieves”, “murderers” and “rapists”. The comments led to the complaint of thirty humanitarian associations before the Paris Correctional Court, which confirmed his sentence on Monday, the third of these characteristics for the French candidate.

Zemmour did not attend the court, as in the oral hearing in November, but the politician has decided to issue a statement in which you show your intention to appeal. He has also accused the judges of “giving in to the whims” of humanitarian associations. “It is an ideological and stupid condemnation,” expressed the ultra, which has also denounced a sentence “on a free spirit imposed by a judicial system invaded by ideologies.”

“They are sent by their parents to steal”

In statements to the press, the leader of the ultra-Reconquest party considered it ridiculous that he be sentenced for racial hatred “when accompanied minors are not a race.” In addition, he stressed that they are “responsible for 96% of mobile thefts in France.” “I think most of them are not minors, nor are they isolated: they are sent by their parents to steal,” Zemmour said.

But these are not the only statements he has made about it. After an attack against the old Charlie Hebdo newsroom in September 2020, the French presidential candidate has already charged unaccompanied minors: “They have nothing to do here, they are thieves, murderers, rapists, that’s all they are We have to expel them, they shouldn’t even come (…) it’s a permanent invasion, there’s a political problem with immigration.”

These types of controversial statements have occupied a large part of his public interventions since he announced his candidacy for the presidential elections at the end of last year. The French politician is fourth in the polls with 15% of voting intentions three months before the elections in the country, and he became the phenomenon of the first part of the campaign, since his candidacy aroused great enthusiasm among the circles of the extreme right, although it has since cooled off.

After several weeks in which his options of overcoming the first round were even considered, in recent days the polls place him in fourth position, behind the current president, Emmanuel Macron, who leads the polls with more than 20% of the votes. votes, and the far-right Marine Le Pen and the conservative Valérie Pécresse, who tie with 16%.

ten accusations

Zemmour has been accused on a dozen occasions of inciting racial hatred, a crime for which he has been convicted twice.

Next Thursday he will be tried again on appeal after having been acquitted in the first instance for denying crimes against humanity, after having argued in his CNews program in 2019 that Marshal Petain, who collaborated with the Nazi regime during World War II , “saved” French Jews. In France, the denial of crimes against humanity linked to the Holocaust is a crime.

In addition, on the 27th he must appear due to the complaint of several filmmakers who accuse him of having used his images without permission for the video in which he announced his candidacy for the presidency. Zemmour accused the rest of the political class of wanting to “frighten him with Justice” because he is the “only one who denounces the situation of invasion” that France is experiencing.