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From 1 October you can only travel to the United Kingdom with a passport: the DNI will no longer be valid

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From next October 1st, Spanish citizens who want to enter the United Kingdom and who have not been granted residence in the country, they will have to do so with passport, since the DAYS it will no longer be valid to enter British territory.

Spaniards who have been approved for ‘pre-settle’ or ‘settle status’ (equivalent to temporary and permanent residence, and who are part of the post-settlement program Brexit) will be able to continue using it until December 31, 2025, as well as those who have requested registration in the settlement program and have not yet received a response, and border workers.

The change, according to sources from the British Government, is part of “a package of measures on the new operation of the British border after the end of the transition period” established after the divorce with the European Union, which was consummated on December 31 from last year.

The measure was announced two months earlier, in October, but the authorities fear that there are still people who are unaware of it, as is evident in some publications on social networks by Spaniards in the United Kingdom who ask about the documentation required for the entry of family or friends as tourists.

Spaniards can visit the United Kingdom for a maximum period of six months without a visa if your trip is for leisure or if it is of short duration for work or study reasons.

“More vulnerable to counterfeiting”

“We want to make sure that Spaniards can continue to travel comfortably to my country, and that is why it is important that they are aware of this change and take action if necessary,” said the British ambassador to Spain. Hugh Elliott, who added that “more than two million Spaniards visited the United Kingdom in 2019 and, like Spain, we are hoping that tourism can return, as long as the regulations to deal with Covid allow it.”

The measure is not exclusive to Spain, since citizens of the other nations of the EU, the Single European Area and Switzerland will no longer have any special favor treatment and will need a passport like travelers from any other country instead of their cards of national identity.

According to sources from the London Government, this “will allow the British authorities to guarantee a higher level of security, since identity documents are more vulnerable to forgery” and draw attention to the advantage that “the use of the passport allows the crossing the border post through the electronic gates, which are the fastest and most efficient method ”.

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