Saturday, September 25

From Afghanistan to Patagonia



Haiti and Afghanistan have become camps for the undead. Half of the island that was once Hispaniola, suffers the effects of its nature once again. Among zombies, corpses and dying, it seems a miracle that this country, in an eternal earthquake, continues to exist. Afghanistan is different, it is human flesh in the Taliban’s oven to fill various chapters of Homeland. Joe Biden’s United States withdraws its troops and Europe does the same. They invaded to force -or something like it- a democracy and got nothing. Everything the same or much worse. The stampede of Afghans, hard to see in the crowd a woman, is nowhere. Only the privileged will get on a plane

bound for freedom.

Pascual del Cioppo, Ecuador’s ambassador to Spain, pending the presentation of credentials, served a question from Vox in Congress to the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero. He denounced on local television contracts of up to “one million two hundred thousand euros a year” to the Kinema cooperative that, allegedly and according to his statements, fell into the open hands of Rafael Mayoral and Pablo Iglesias’ partner. The opposition requires you to present documents.

In Patagonia the scene is, to say the least, disturbing. The Constituent Assembly intends to suppress the name “Republic of Chile” in the Subcommittee on Structure and Functioning. The proposal, voted by nine votes in favor and two against, must be ratified by the commission and then by the plenary session. A country with its name on the tightrope is a country in danger.

On the other side of the Andes, the ruling party’s hornet’s nest turns to the photo of a party in the presidential residence of Olivos, when the confinement was absolute. President Alberto Fernández, first denied the evidence, with it in all the newspapers and televisions then he recognized it. It was his Fabiola’s birthday. Finally, to turn the page, the rumor spread that she, her partner, was pregnant. True or false?

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