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From Algeciras to Ferrol: Spanish sparkling wines that are not cava but are great

In this section we are very fans of sparkling wines as a complement to all times, places and types of food. For this reason, from time to time, we like to remember that there are some beyond the DO Cava, which we already told you covered other geographical areas outside of Catalonia.

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Moreover, within Catalonia, there are sparkling wines with the same type of traditional champenoise production, the same one used by French champagnes and Catalan cavas, which are not assigned to the DO Cava, but to the split Corpinnat Winemakers and Producers Association or any other of the Denominations of Origin of the region.

But this time what we are going to do is a route through other producers on the peninsula, from Galicia to Andalusia, passing through the two Castiles. Specifically, in Castilla la Mancha, the Cueva Differentiated Quality Brand in 2010, which houses several wineries in Villanueva de Alcardete. These are Viñedos y Reservas, Alcardet, Latué, Verdúguez and Recuero, which make sparkling wines by the traditional method, with strict security controls.

In Castilla La Mancha, under the Cueva Differentiated Quality Brand

Alcardet Brut Reserve

It is a coupage of Chardonnay, Macabeo and Airén made by the traditional method and aged 36 months on lees by Bodegas Alcardet under the Cueva Differentiated Quality Brand. Creamy, smooth, with the well integrated carbonic of a medium bubble that is slowly rising, fresh, with a combination of citrus, toasted nuts and a perfect dry acidity to balance any type of greasy food. 12% vol. 7.10 euros.

Latué Brut Ecological Cave,

From Bodegas Latué, the Best Ecological Production Company in all of Castilla-La Mancha, it is an award-winning sparkling cave of the airén monovarietal that follows the traditional method and comes out dry in the long aftertaste, a lot of dried fruit, in every way , with predominantly hazelnut both in the mouth and on the nose, as if you were eating a praline-type dessert. 11.5% Vol. 11 euros.

In Andalusia, good examples

Florestel dry trasañejo

It is the sparkling wine that Bodegas Quita clearly makes in Malaga with the charmat method and owes a great favor to the Muscat of Alexandria, because, without being sweet, it is fruity and smooth, which is a great option to start in the world of cava. , which, usually, will have a drier point. On the other hand, this one is sweet, has a lot of persistent and playful bubbles, and a huge defect: you can drink it like water. 11% vol. 8.50 euros.

Sparkling Lumé

It is a rarity of the typical zalema grape from the County of Huelva that the Contreras Ruiz winery produces following the classic method of champenoise plus an aging in the bottle for 18 months from which the elegant and persistent bubble comes out, with a wide aromaticity that goes from the saline from Doñana to pastries, and fantastic freshness and acidity for this superlative August. 12.5% ​​Vol. 9.70 euros.

Sparkling Tartrates

It is a Brut Nature elaborated by hand with the Champenoise method by Bodega Dimobe with a aging in bottle for 36 months on lees of Muscat of Alexandria that round it up and give it that flavor that has earned it so many Mezquita and Zarcillo Awards since the first one came out. to nothing. On the nose, aromas of fresh soap and yeast, it is entourage but with a very pleasant hint of raisined grapes. 12% Vol. 25 euros.

With their own Denominations of Origin


From Bodegas Moratalla, DP Manchuela, it is a fantastic 100% Macabeo Gran Reserva Brut Nature, based on Casilla de Adrián white, and 36 months in rhyme. It has a well-worked, fine and tiny bubble that is well appreciated in the mouth as a cream that softens and caresses the palate. Delicious. 12.5% ​​Vol. 22.50 euros.

Vega Tolosa Brut Nature 2018

It is a limited edition brut nature Gran Cuvée, made by the traditional method, ascribed to the Manchuela PDO, organic and vegan. With grapes 85% Chardonnay, 8% Macabeo, 7% Sauvignon Blanc. A jewel of the Vega Tolosa family with a subtle and elegant aroma of jasmine, whose bubble is persistent and leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste of dried fruit at the end. 12.5% ​​Vol. 30 euros.

Carrasviñas Rueda Sparkling Brut

It is the result of the collaboration between the winemaker Ángela Lorenzo from Bodegas Cachazo and the prestigious winemaker Joan Milá to produce a Verdejo brut from the Rueda DO using the traditional method with fine lees, which seem to remain in the bottle. Which gives it that flavor of fresh yeast and ripe plum, which contrasts with the mineral touch also present on the nose. The carbon dioxide quickly disappears, yes. 12% Vol. 9 euros.

From the Rías Baixas with a lot of character

Mar de Frades, Albariño brut nature

It is the first Albariño sparkling wine made by the Champenoise method by the Mar de Frades winery in Val do Salnés. On the nose, it is as if you were taking a bouquet of flowers to bathe in the Rías Baixas. In the mouth, white fruits that explode in each bubble, which are multiple and long-lasting on the palate. Super fresh, agile, fun and easy to drink. 11.5% Vol. 15 euros.

Baladiña Bubbles

From Lagar de Besada, it is a wonderful Albariño Brut Nature from the DO Rías Baixas, aged in rhymes on its lees for a minimum of 30 months. Citrus on the nose, like a lemon pie, With its cookie included, it is very shocking to see how the bubble comes out when you throw it, although then the souffle and it keeps rising all the time. In the mouth, a jewel of Albariño that brings out the typical nuts, a honeyed touch and the best cavas pastries. 11% vol. 29 euros.

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