Friday, December 3

From Argentina’s Congress to Ethereum: deputy launches commemorative NFT

Key facts:
  • Milei was a candidate for the liberal party, La Libertad Avanza, and obtained 310,000 votes.

  • His political side added its first two representatives in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation.

Javier Milei, national deputy elected by the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, announced on his Instagram account that he will launch his second collection of non-fungible or NFT tokens. The first had been published before the elections and achieved a collection of 3.8 ethers (ETH), which at the end of this note is equivalent to USD 16,302.

As indicated in the publication de Milei, The first piece in the collection The New Era went up for auction on the same Monday, November 15hours after the election day considered a “historic” success by the politician, in which they obtained 310,036 votes, 17% of the total in the country’s capital.

The platform where it can be obtained is Opensea, a recognized market for non-fungible Ethereum tokens. In the page in which the token is auctioned, it is detailed that The minimum offer is 1 ether, that is, USD 4,355 or 909,989 Argentine pesos, according to the CriptoNoticias price index.

Likewise, it can be seen that, until the time of publication of this article, there were no offers to buy it, although there are four days left until the auction ends, on November 20, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. in Argentina.

This is how the first piece of Javier Milei’s second batch of NFT is presented at Opensea. Source: Opensea.

The digital artwork being auctioned It consists of a 10 second video in which Milei is seen from behind, in front of a crowd and with an Argentine flag draped over his shoulders. In the upper right corner of the animation, you can see the date November 14, 2021, the day in which the libertarian candidate managed to enter Congress with his partner Victoria Villarruel.

A curiosity about the NFTs that Javier Milei has launched is that allow content to be unlocked as the price of the product increases. For example, the first collection issued in September, as CriptoNoticias reported, included several “surprises.”

Thus, if the non-fungible token reached 2 ETH in value, the buyer would receive a box with the bill showing the NFT printed and signed by the – then – candidate. Meanwhile, if the price reached 3 ETH, whoever acquired the digital artwork, which consisted of a thematic video about the politician and his ideals, would also receive five autographed books.

Javier Milei is a politician with a liberal and right-wing ideology, who on numerous occasions has criticized what he calls “the political caste” and has been totally against inorganic monetary issuance by the Central Bank, an organization that, according to him, should be closed.

Regarding bitcoin (BTC), the elected legislator has stated that it seems to him a good way to prevent politicians from stealing from citizens. However, at the time he doubted the value that the cryptocurrency could have because governments would not allow a private currency to compete with those issued by the State.

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