Thursday, September 16

From Kabul to Kiev, via Taipei



The President of Ukraine, Volodimir zelenski, has been received at the White House 48 hours after the chaotic withdrawal from Kabul. The comedian-ruler knows the worst of US politics quite well. The obscene way he was blackmailed by President Trump ended in impeachment. In addition, Zelensky knows perfectly well the worst of the Kremlin’s politics. By virtue of Putin’s bullying, Ukrainians have already suffered seven years from Russian attacks and partial occupation of their territory.

Zelensky heads a stifling list of countries and causes whose viability depends on the United States. It is true that Washington, beyond Trump’s shenanigans, has been providing vital military and economic aid to Ukraine. But all

That is no longer enough given the shared fear that the United States may have entered a phase of global regression dominated by isolationism and unilateralism. There do not seem to be enough anxiolytics to lessen the anxiety of all those who fear that they will be the next to be left alone, very alone, in the face of the danger of geopolitical neighborhoods where the law of the fittest has long reigned.

Biden hopes to be remembered as the president who ended the war in Afghanistan and to have his disastrous disengagement management forgotten. In his defense, he has insisted that China and Russia would like the United States to remain bogged down in Afghanistan, without defeat or victory. In other words, Washington is only interested in competition between great powers.

According to Jon Lee Anderson’s plea in the pages of the New Yorker: “It is true that, for the moment, the United States retains its military prowess and its economic strength. But, over the past two decades, he seems increasingly unable to effectively harness any of them to his advantage. Instead of enhancing its hegemony by deploying its forces intelligently, it has repeatedly squandered its efforts, diminishing both its aura of invincibility and its prestige in the eyes of other nations.

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