Friday, September 30

From liana to liana

Today we bring you an investigation in which has been working for months. We reveal that three inspectors from the Bank of Spain train opponents who apply for positions at the same institution on their own. They do it by giving private classes for which they charge in cash, by hand, without invoices or receipts. And it is not little money: they have been with two groups of 25 people for about 5 years; one of them has come to earn about 8,000 euros per month.

Here, the details of the investigation. We have spoken with the students of these inspectors, one of them is a senior official, fond of cash and reluctant to bank transfers. They explain what the courses and money deliveries were like in envelopes: “I paid more than 10,000 euros in hand for 18 months.”

Who what how

Moncloa and Nadia Calviño give in to save themselves upset. The PSOE part of the Government recognizes the leadership of Yolanda Díaz to promote labor reform. “There is no problem in that at the social dialogue table who leads and represents the government is the Ministry of Labor,” both the government spokesperson and Calviño have said in almost identical words. Of course, the vice president of Unidos Podemos will be accompanied in meetings by socialist ministers from other portfolios.

The PSOE tries to show that Díaz has had an ego attack; the second vice president answer back that the problem is not the names but the content, in danger in the hands of Calviño. Anyway, the labor reform is still stalled and it is time to specify why you have to talk about it with unions and employers.

By the way, you will hear these days that Brussels is putting problems with the labor reform and that is why it must be “lightened”. Well, it is not so. Read this and share it with whoever will share the argument.

And they gave birth to the law of rent

It has been the birth of a child that has taken all democracy to arrive. There is already a draft of the housing law approved, with the new rental regulations. Today on the podcast We abstract from the political debate that has also accumulated around this issue to give you a useful explanation: what does the law say? Who will it benefit or affect? When will it be applied?

  • In rural Spain, neither. Going to live in a town to escape noise and housing prices, it seems that it is not so, so easy. Houses are rare, although for different reasons, and increasingly expensive. Break prejudices this report by Cristina Armunia when we have the information.

Do not pass

  • Algeria. Teresa Ribera travels to Algeria today to try to find solutions for Spain to the closure of the gas pipeline that crosses Morocco and on which we depend. Algeria has threatened to cut off the gas supply via Morocco on October 31, due to its diplomatic problems with its neighboring country.
  • Can I get out of the norm? No. Spain has proposed to leave the tariff system of the EU energy market in order to manage the control of electricity prices in a different way. When this crisis passes, Spain would return to the community standard. Brussels has said no.

In today’s chapter

  • Succession. Are you one of those who prefer all the chapters to be available or one of those who enjoy waiting for a new one to come out every week? I hate being kept waiting. That’s why I’m waiting for a few weeks to accumulate deliveries of the new season of Succession, that crude portrait of power struggles in family businesses.
  • HBO Max. By the way, there is already HBO Max, the new version of one of the most awarded audiovisual platforms. Here they tell you how it is. If you already had HBO, you have to install the new app but the same passwords are valid for you. Although there are offers for new users and, of course, the picaresque abounds.
  • The Kominski method. I did not know this series that my colleague Matías de Diego recommends, who dedicates every afternoon of his life to ensuring that the information on reaches you well edited and hierarchized. Matías says that “each chapter works like a pill of good vibes, ideal to disconnect and enjoy a brilliant script. It is a story about adulthood and its dramas with Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin ”.

Done for today. More tomorrow. Hug!


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