Wednesday, September 27

From Peru to Brazil, the expansion of the exchange begins

Key facts:
  • The store has the “anchor” format, focused on advice and personalized attention.

  • This is the first of a series of stores that they plan to open in Brazil.

Amid a wave of Latin American bitcoin exchange expansions, Peruvian startup is not far behind. The exchange with physical stores in several cities in Peru now has a branch in Brazil. Specifically, in the city of São Paulo.

During the afternoon of this Monday, January 17, the company opened its store for the sale of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the Brazilian city. The store is located in the Jardim Paulistano area, on Rebouças Avenue, as can be seen in the website of the company. As a curious fact: according to the map on the exchange’s website, this store is a few meters from the headquarters of Bradesco, one of the main banks in the South American country.

The headquarters inaugurated in São Paulo is not only the company’s first outside of Peru. In addition, it is an “anchor store”, as a hub in the city focused on advice and education on cryptocurrencies, as defined in exclusive contact with CriptoNoticias Sergio Rivera Velarde, CEO of


The headquarters of is located on Avenida Rebouças de São Paulo. Source:

The head of the exchange added that one of the differences between this and the stores open in four Peruvian cities is that “it is oriented more to advice than just a money delivery window.” This concept is centered personalized advice and customer comfort, which is served on individual platforms. “All very personalized and focused on offering a premium service experience,” added the executive.

We are clear that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are something new for ordinary people and the existence of agents like us, reliable and with a physical presence, will greatly help mass adoption.

Sergio Rivera Velarde, CEO of

São Paulo with anchor stores, more locations in Brazil and Latin America

Rivera Velarde says that what most caught the attention of his company about the city of São Paulo is that it is one of the most populous in the world, in addition to being one of the “economically most active”. Additionally, the businessman referred to his own knowledge of the Brazilian market and the dynamics of the city, where he lived and did business in the past.

But the expansion of the exchange does not stay in this store. For the near future, they contemplate the opening of other “anchor stores” in the main cities of the country and “small-format stores in places with a high flow of people.” The most immediate of the plans includes a new anchor store in Rio de Janeiro, scheduled to open in March.

Beyond its plans for the Brazilian market, the plan is to continue expanding throughout Latin America. And among the countries that have already identified their interest, Rivera Velarde mentioned Mexico as one to which they will arrive in the coming months.

To date, the exchange had stores only in Peru. In total, there are four offices in Peruvian territory, where users can go to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in a personalized way, in case they do not wish to operate through the company’s website, which also offers the service.

Rivera Velarde announced that the plans of the Peruvian company do not stop at territorial expansion. They plan to launch new products and solutions “similar to some of those currently offered by traditional banks” in the near future. They will also launch a wallet in February and “design offices, advertising and a new development laboratory, entrenched in the advantages and capabilities of the Brazilian labor market.”