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From rivals to partners: Uber will include New York taxis in its app | Digital Trends Spanish

Uber Technologies Inc., the San Francisco-based ride-sharing company, has reached an agreement with technology systems provider Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT) to include all official yellow cabs registered with the Commission in its app. of Taxis and Limousines of New York City.

In accordance with The report published in The Wall Street Journal This Thursday, March 24, this would be the first time that Uber lists common taxis in its application in a city in the United States, a practice that the mobility app has adopted in other countries in order to save its operations or achieve the growth of are. The start of practice in the big apple ends years of clashes.

Since its inception, Uber has had a particularly contentious and strained relationship with New York’s taxi industry, which has lost significant space in the city. Until 2014, when Uber and Lyft began sharing rides in the Big Apple, city residents took about half a million daily rides in the ubiquitous yellow cabs. Today, the figure is just under 100,000 a day.

However, a growing driver shortage negatively affecting its operations prompted Uber to negotiate a deal with CMT so that its users can order yellow cabs through the app.

Today, New York City has 13,587 active official taxis, which can be requested and paid through an app very similar to Uber called Arro, which was created and maintained by CMT. Under the agreement, Arro will be integrated into Uber.

When the deal is fully implemented next summer (testing starts in the spring), Uber users will be able to choose a taxi ride subject to rates similar to Uber X, the app’s individual ride mode. up to four people in a regular car. Taxi drivers will be able to accept or reject the request through Uber based on the information provided by the software about how much they will be paid for the trip. Uber will get a percentage of the offered fares, which was not disclosed.

Andrew Macdonald, Uber’s head of global mobility, told The Wall Street Journal that this deal “is bigger and bolder than anything we’ve done,” adding that the company hopes to include all the world’s taxis in its app to 2025. “It’s certainly an ambitious goal,” Macdonald said, “but I think it’s possible.”

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