Tuesday, May 17

From the ‘Malaya case’ to the ‘Miguel case’ through bankrupt companies and Ebay: the great Basque defaulters

The three Basque Haciendas have made public this Wednesday the periodic lists of large debtors, in a similar way to the Tax Agency. There are around 240 people who owe more than one million euros to the treasury. In total, the tax authorities of Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa have failed to collect around 850 million euros, the equivalent of the budget for almost two full years of income guarantee income. The amount is slightly less than the 879 million accumulated in October 2020 but it does not mean that there is more or less tax fraud, since debts of lower amounts are not included.

Carlo Ancelotti and Ildefonso Falcones enter the list of defaulters of the Treasury

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The largest defaulter continues to be the defunct company Lagilur or Yeregui, involved in real estate developments in southern Spain and some of whose operations came to be investigated in the framework of the ‘Malaya case’, the macro-cause of corruption in Marbella. It is from Gipuzkoa and owes 80.2 million. There are classics like Jabyer Fernández, whose company Iurbenor adds 52 million ‘hole’ without counting other firms in his group. It is the main defaulter in Biscay.

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At the individual level, it is the Osinalde Echániz brothers, with 31 million per head, who appear higher on the list. LN Commodities & Investment, with 22 million, is another one that has a debt of more than eight figures. In Álava, Goya 69 is the one that owes the most money, 18 million euros. It is also a real estate. Known bankrupt companies such as Fagor, Edesa, Ramón Vizcaíno, Ros Casares, Urco-Urbasa or Virtisú appear in the lists. Also Solinor, a company linked to the urban business of the former ‘number two’ of the Álava PNV convicted of corruption, Alfredo de Miguel, or the digital giant eBay.