Monday, August 15

From YouTube to NFT, Willyrex knows what he’s doing

Key facts:
  • Willyrex raised more than $ 15,000 by selling his first NFT collection.

  • After postponing the launch for six months, the youtuber sold the collection in seconds.

Willyrex, un gamer from Spain, which has 18.7 million subscribers on YouTube, launched its token collection (NFT) on the market. This action, which he had promised since March, finally materialized on November 18 when, after being published, the NFT sold out in seconds.

The youtuber explained that he had decided to postpone the launch of his NFTs, after the scandal it had generated in his community when he announced it in March. He said “I got so much hate that I realized it was too early.”

Although the wave of negative comments he received then was not enough for this month to complete the project and not only that. Willyrex decided to change the content of his channel from gamming to topics related to Metaverses and NFT games, an industry in which it has entered fully.

Willyrex sold his first NFT collection for more than $ 15,000

Content creator Willyrex created his first NFT collection in conjunction with artist Zigor. The works, which are five in total, recreate memes, winks and criticisms of the current economic system. They were auctioned at the tokenized art gallery Myth, where they were sold at very varied prices.

In total, the entire collection raised more than USD 15,000. The cheapest token was sold for $ 1.6 and the most expensive for $ 14,700. The cryptocurrency with which they could be purchased was MATIC, which governs the entire platform under the Polygon blockchain.

Willyrex’s most expensive NFT represents the moment you discover a technology and is called “first time in space.” Source: Zigor×Willyrex /

Willyrex stated that the postponed time helped him to find a platform that is ecofriendly, a strategy that suggests that it could limit the hate. Myth, which is the one he ended up choosing, is advertised as the NFT gallery that uses 99.9% less electricity than other competitions on the market.

Precisely, it consumes 0.002 kWh for each NFT generated, according to estimates. It is worth clarifying that Myth is not the only token platform that is touted as being environmentally friendly. As CriptoNoticias reported, another that says the same since it was launched this year is Palm, which governs the Ethereum network instead of Polygon.