Thursday, December 9

Fuel from used plastic: this rocket wants to take advantage of waste that nobody wants

Perhaps the British company Pulsar Have given with a way to take advantage, at least in part, of all the plastic waste that fills landfills and oceans. His proposal, which has already been tested, consists of use them in a hybrid fuel for space-propelled rockets.

First plastics, then nuclear fusion

The recipe for this is a high-density polyethylene blend (used in bottles, kitchen utensils and even pipes) and a nitrous oxide. The test that you can see in the video above has been successful and has motivated the company to do another one soon before companies interested in acquiring the technology.

This can cause a sudden interest in all that plastic that floats in our seas and that we are already collecting with large nets, in the same way that they do. some refineries that we saw a few months ago. We would kill two birds with one stone: we would get rid of that waste and also generate fuel from it. Few sources of energy are as accessible and potentially cheap.

Pulsar also has plans to get a nuclear fusion thruster, simulating the extreme conditions inside the Sun and causing impacts of atoms to generate large amounts of energy. His agenda includes testing it in 2025 and putting it into orbit in 2027, with ambitions to cut the trip to Mars in half thanks to that engine.

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